Ultra League Stasis (v2.0)

Written by Tangent444

UL Stasis Developer Notes (June 2021)


A number of recent additions to the game have appeared since the last update, which includes new Pokemon and new moveset options. Here are the changes to UL Stasis 


New A Tier Additions: 



  • Talonflame has emerged in a big way on the scene ever since its Community Day. As one of the best set-up sweepers in the game, we decided to place it in the highest tier. 


New B Tier Additions: 

Abomasnow, Aromatisse, Bronzong, Dragalge, Drapion, Goodra, Lugia, Nidoqueen, Serperior, Slurpuff, Sylveon


  • Abomasnow was initially placed in the A tier but that may have been a slight over-tiering for it, as it is comparable to Alolan Ninetales in the B tier. Grass/Ice is a tough defensive typing to work with. 

  • Aromatisse, Slurpuff, and Sylveon are three Charm users that play similar enough to Togekiss and Clefable to warrant B Tier placement. They would all likely be too affordable in the C Tier.

  • Bronzong was given B Tier consideration at the onset of the XL era, but ultimately landed in C Tier. With the new addition of Payback to its arsenal, this was enough to push it up the B Tier.

  • Dragalge and Goodra are two new Dragons on the scene. It remains to be seen how these Dragons fare in the Stasis meta, as other strong Dragon picks remain in C Tier, but for now we will start by tiering them at B.

  • The Poison Sting buff has made Drapion very comparable to Alolan Muk, and thus landed it in B Tier.   

  • Lugia benefited from the buff to Dragon Tail and became a little bit too powerful for the C Tier.

  • Nidoqueen has become a significant threat in Ultra League thanks to the newly buffed Poison Jab and Poison Fang, and was a near instant choice for B Tier.

  • Serperior plays very similar to Meganium, and therefore joined it in the B Tier.


C Tier Pokemon that were considered:

Barbaracle, Crobat, Flygon, Ludicolo, Milotic, Muk (Kanto), Pangoro, Roserade, Skuntank, Slowbro (Galarian), Tentacruel


  • All of these Pokemon were put to a vote but ultimately stayed at the lowest tier, at least for the time being. We have our eyes on each of them as potential additions to the B Tier as more usage data comes through.


We hope you enjoy playing UL Stasis as much as we enjoy tiering it for you all!

— The Stasis Team