Cliffhanger Update 6.4:

Patching Up The Walrein-Shaped Hole in 6.3

Written by NHoff


    A small update this time around to update for recent additions and a power player!


New Additions:

  • Walrein -  Effectively Premiering at Tier S

    • Sure, Walrein’s been around for a while but not really as a strong player in trainer battles. Its Community Day gave it two powerful moves in Powder Snow and Icicle Spear which really pushed it a step ahead of the competition. Walrein’s power relative to Lapras and Dewgong, alongside the powerful core it creates with Trevenant, led our team to debut the new Walrus at Tier S.

  • Kommo-o - Premiering at Tier A

    • Somewhere there is a Dragonite dreaming of Superpower… and Kommo-o decided to live that dream. Getting STAB on Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw is a nice move combination for most Dragon-types, but Kommo-o gets the extremely potent STAB Close Combat to add in to the mix, offering coverage against Steel-types that would resist Dragon moves.

Keep it away from Fairy-types, sure, but that goes for its Tier-mate Zweilous as well. And read on for another Dragon-type joining the ranks of Tier A!


  • Registeel - Tier A -> Tier S

    • The lock ‘em sock ‘em robot is back on top in terms of Great League meta relevance following the recent addition of Zap Cannon to its moveset. While Registeel is still threatened a good deal in Great League when compared to the monster it is in Ultra League, the power that Zap Cannon offers over Flash Cannon really makes it an S-tier threat once more.

  • Dragalge - Tier B -> Tier A

    • Dragalge good, as they say.
      Dragon-types are always an interesting group to tier in Cliffhanger, but an analysis of Dragalge in meta after meta has convinced our team that Dragalge belongs with Zweilous and Kommo-o in A. Its unique-to-GO typing, strong fast move pressure, cheap bait move that offers coverage, and flexible heavy hitting STAB charge move all combine to make this a threat we consider worthy of a 5 point price tag.

Other Considerations Made:

  •  The team voted on other new additions to the game, namely Hisuian Electrode, Hakommo-o, and Primarina, as well as the recent Community Day featured Jumpluff. Ultimately Electrode’s typing is a hindrance that we believe keeps it healthy in Tier C, Hakommo-o is a similar power of Tier C dragons, and Jumpluff was not pushed past the mark of consideration of Tier A instead of its current status in B. Primarina, while a STAB Charm user, does not have the bulk nor the speed of charge moves to pose a significant threat in Great League. We think Primarina falls into a class of Great League Fairy similar to Togekiss in Tier C. We discussed Lycanroc but ultimately did not put it to vote as Tier C seems apt. With both Dragalge and Kommo-o fitting in Tier A, the discussion of other Dragon-types in Cliffhanger came up but nothing beyond the above was deemed worthy of a promotion or demotion.

The upcoming Sandshrew Community Day was discussed, but we think both versions of Sandslash are perfectly healthy in Tier C.


— The Cliffhanger Team