Cliffhanger Update 6.2:

Owls and Snails and Scorpions and Sea-Dragons!

Written by NHoff


A small update this time around to work around the Season 10 move changes and reevaluate two Pokémon in particular!


Cliffhanger 6.3 Tiers


  • Noctowl - Tier B -> Tier A

    • The addition of Shadow Ball actually gives Noctowl a usable second charge move to pair with Sky Attack. This addition, paired with the consistency and bulk that Noctowl has always flaunted, pushes it up into the same echelon as the fliers in Tier A.


  • Magcargo - Tier C -> Tier B

    • Our snail friend received a hefty boost to strength in the addition of two moves - Incinerate and Rock Tomb. While Rock Tomb is less than ideal on other Pokémon, its comparisons with Stone Edge on Magcargo allows an actual decision to be made. This newfound strength and flexibility pushes Mags into Tier B in our eyes.


  • Drapion - Tier B -> Tier A

    • More and more time has passed since the buff to Crunch in Season 9 and it has become obvious that Drapion wields it too well when compared to some of the other Dark/Poisons. We think at Tier A it will allow for more thoughtful decision making with that group of Pokémon. 


  • Dragalge - Tier C -> Tier B

    • Similarly to Drapion, more time with this Pokémon having presence in limited metas allowed our team to playtest and evaluate strength. While it does not seem overpowered in Tier C, its strength due to its unique typing and moveset coverage feel more in line with the picks in Tier B.


Other Considerations Made:

  • Other changes from Season 10 were voted on in this round, including Donphan and Chansey. Trevenant was additionally re-evaluated. All 3 were ultimately left in their current tiers. Additionally a vote on multiple Dragon-type Pokémon took place, with all but Dragalge staying in their current tiers for now. In that same vote Druddigon was slated for Tier C. Avalugg was deemed fine for Tier C.


— The Cliffhanger Team