On Friday May 14th, Tencent Studios' subsidiary, TiMi Studios, created a huge wave of excitement with the following tweet:
The reason for all this excitement? TiMi Studios is the main developer behind the highly anticipated mobile MOBA, Pokémon Unite, which they've been keeping very quiet about since the Canadian beta in March. Only recently has their Twitter been more active by giving the community small teases such as replying to Zyonik and Caleb Peng’s tweets about the game.


Or when replying to our very own JJ-Kun's Days Counted since they've said anything about Unite specifically.


Now that I've gotten your hopes up, it's time to start the real speculation. I'll start off with TiMi's activity on Twitter: an announcement of a partnership with Xbox and the tweet about finishing a reveal video. On Thursday May 13th, TiMi announced a partnership with Xbox Game Studios to "jointly create excellent game content" and bring more games to more players.


There's already speculation that the only reason for that would be to bring mobile games to the Xbox consoles the same way Nintendo has done with the Switch and Unite. Others are speculating that the announcement and the tweet on Friday are related and we could be seeing the Halo franchise come to mobile. In my opinion, that's some heavy speculation and doesn't seem likely.


Following on, Sunday May 16th, Tencent will be hosting their annual game convention where they will reportedly announce over 60 new titles. 


Before we get too fired up, I need you to hold your Rapidash. In the past this has been a Chinese convention for Chinese games only. It won't be broadcast in English. That's possibly a BIG NO NO to The Pokémon Company as they are an international brand. So it's looking a little bleak but in the realm of possibility for a Unite announcement Sunday. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
That's all I've got in terms of news, info, and speculation for now. Take what you would like from this info; I've personally been let down too many times by gaming companies to get my hopes up too high over small teases. But that's not to say I'm not checking every single day for the release as I'm so excited to play this game again! Until then, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more info. I look forward to meeting you all in the Unite Stadium! Join the discord here.