Pokémon Unite has seen quite the mobile revolution of late, totalling 25 million downloads on mobile and Switch as of earlier this week. There isn’t a much better way to celebrate than introducing one of the most popular eeveelutions in the series as a playable Pokémon: the fairy-type Sylveon. It offers a different level of pacing which could bring a big shake up to the Unite meta.


Almost every released Pokémon in Unite has been given one core game mechanic to this point: being able to use your Unite move at level 10. Sylveon joins Wigglytuff in breaking the mold and will be able to use its Unite move at level 8, becoming the first attacker to do so. 


This will provide a different gameplay strategy in trying to leverage Drednaw early in the match as a distanced attacker, while playing a support role as well. Here is a breakdown of what Sylveon brings to the table with its upcoming release.



Evolves to Sylveon at level 4


Ability: Adaptability

Boosts Special Attack



Swift - Shoots 4-star shaped rays at opponents


Baby Doll Eyes - lowers enemy damage and movement speed for a short duration


It’s highly likely that Sylveon will be a special attacker and its moves will give it plenty of unique traits that make it lethal from afar. Evolving from Eevee at level 4, it also will increase its movement speed after using basic boosted attacks. Getting to level 8 quickly will be the goal for Sylveon so it can threaten Drednaw with its Unite move early and give its team an XP advantage.




Ability: Pixelate

Boosts Special Attack and Special Defense up to 6 stats


Role: Ranged Attacker



Hyper Voice - Deals more damage the farther away the opponent is, up to 6 sound waves.

Upgrade adds a 7th wave.


Mystical Fire - Creates four small flames while advancing in a certain direction, the more flames landed, the less the cooldown time and decrease opponent SpA stat.

Upgrade adds 5th flame.


Draining Kiss - Can regenerate health and attack 3 times, while decreasing opponents movement speed.

Upgrade increases the amount of HP restored.


Calm Mind - Increases SpA, SpD and movement speed for a specific amount of time.

Upgrade completely nullifies damage and Sylveon is granted a shield.


Fairy Frolic - Grants temporary immunity while being used, deals damage upon landing and restores its own health


Recommended Items: Sp. Atk Specs and Shell Bell


If Sylveon is a special attacker as speculated, the Sp. Atk Specs and Shell Bell will be crucial items to pair with the fairy-attacker. Shell Bell will fit well in a more relaxed ranged attacker kit, and while the Sp. Atk Specs fit well in a more confrontational aggressive build. I think both have solid potential depending on your playstyle.


Comparison: Alolan Ninetales


In the end, Sylveon will prove to be a powerful and versatile threat in the Unite meta. It’s ability to threaten from afar as well as provide support will allow it to play many roles for a team. It has a similar role to Alolan Ninetales but more of a supporter and distanced moveset which should allow for it to flourish in the future meta.

This is a big addition to the Pokémon pool and should help continue to grow the series in popularity as they add more characters in the future. It should be interesting to see what else Unite has in-store the rest of 2021 as they head into 2022.