A name you may have seen pop up quite a lot recently, LNDsRargef has been proving himself in all facets of the game. Appearing in GBLA 3 times during the Season of Go, winning once and rounding off these successful few months with an unbeaten run at the Porto Alegre Regional, LNDsRargef is the first event champion of the 2023 Play! Pokémon Championship Series and a very deserving World's qualifier at that.




Our second world's qualifier is no stranger to show 6 formats. The currently ranked #1 for Silph in Brazil, was unfortunately not able to make a qualifying spot at the Joinville Regional last season, taking only 5th position. This season however he has wasted no time in securing his place in Yokahama with a run that saw him lose only to the champion.




LNDsGuizao lost his first match of the tournament to his Hydra E-Sports teammate, but persevered the entire way through the loser's bracket to clinch 3rd place. An improvement to his 4th place position at the last Brazilian Regional in Joinville, we expect to see LNDsGuizao9 return for LAIC in an attempt to finally secure that World's qualification spot.




An ex-member of the MagnisPVP team that reached the semi-finals of the Silph Factions World Championship, LNDsDiegoxisdeh has been prominent in show 6 Silph formats. Those skills showed themselves at this tournament where we was defeated only by LNDsAureo and LNDsGuizao9 to land him 4th place.


Special thanks to LNDsAureo for assisting with the interviews.