Beginning in January 2021, Samsung Mobile has been the exclusive mobile partner of Twitch Rivals. To quote from the announcement of this year-long partnership:


“As part of the year-long partnership, consumers can expect to see Samsung and Twitch Rivals partnership elements including:

  • Twitch Rivals Mobile Challenges: A series of first-of-its-kind mobile gaming crossover events where Twitch Rivals and Samsung will assemble top streamers and top mobile gaming franchises for marquee entertainment moments for the Twitch audience.
  • Mobile Mondays brought to you by Samsung: A year-long series of tournaments with cash prizing and additional benefits for Galaxy and Twitch users.
  • Mobile Gaming Heroes: Later this year, Twitch Rivals and Samsung will unveil the next generation of mobile gaming heroes, who will produce original content, host exclusive streams and participate in select events.”

This partnership now comes to the field of Pokémon GO! On Aug 2, 2021 up to 512 #battlers will meet in Pokémon GO’s Great League for a chance at up to $2,000 in cash & prizes in a Mobile Mondays, a Samsung x Twitch Rivals event endorsed by Niantic! 



This event will be limited to participants in the United States only & Starting at 12 PM Eastern Time (time may be updated, stay up to date on the RSVP link) on Monday August 2nd. Everyone will be competing in a SHOW SIX PICK THREE  SINGLE ELIMINATION tournament. Battles will be Best of Three in the Great League. Mythicals & Legendaries will be banned for this tournament.

You can participate by visiting Samsung Mobile’s Battlefy page here. The tournament should not be streamed by anyone other than the event as according to the rules spectators ARE NOT ALLOWED.

For those who have participated in community organized formats you should be aware of this rule that is different than you may be used to. “As a general rule, games will not be restarted for lag, latency, player disconnect, or hardware/peripheral issues.”


The top three winners will split over $2,000 in Cash & Prizes broken down here:

1st Place $1,000 + Samsung Galaxy S21

2nd Place $600

3rd Place $400 


If you will be participating  in this tournament and are unfamiliar with or need a refresher on the great league let us break down some fundamentals for you below.


When you go to battle a friend, you probably noticed there are a few options: Great, Ultra, & Master League. The difference between these leagues is in the maximum CP a Pokémon must be at or under to be eligible for use. The Great League’s maximum comes in at only 1500 CP. 

With a low maximum, there are countless Pokémon to choose from! You can choose something super cute and spicy like a fully maxed out Alolan Sandshrew (which has a CP of 1462 at level 50). If you want something bulky, you might pick Bastiodon while Shadow Victreebel or Tropius might work well on your team as a hard hitter against a lot of other Pokémon. 

Because the options are almost endless, it can be overwhelming to pick just three Pokémon while making sure that the team will hold up against your opponent. You might be asking yourself  “Where do I start?”, “How can I beat Skarmory?”, or “What are examples of teams that have worked for other trainers?”. Well don’t worry. We have resources to help you out on your journey! Check out the links below to learn more about battling in Pokémon GO.


Great League Meta Cores - This guide is filled with evergreen lines of 3 you will no doubt see on your PVP Journey and the Pokémon that will break the line. Build your team of 6 around these cores & breakers so you can have a balanced line in the open Great League Meta.


PVP IVs - When building and discussing your team you will no doubt hear the term PVP IVs come up. GO Stadium has a PVP IV Rank Checker so you can find optimal spreads. When battling in the Great League if a Pokémon maxes under the 1500 CP limit the IVs are simple… you want a 15-15-15 spread. If the Pokémon’s max CP goes over that limit you want to maximize their bulk by reducing the amount of Attack IVs so that it can get to a higher level while staying under the CP Cap. 


PVPoke - Every trainer should be aware of what moves a Pokémon has access to and which move set combination does what in battle. Head over to our friend at PVPoke to dive deep into movesets, win rates and more so that you know what you may be up against.


Join the GO Stadium Discord - With over 18,000 Members the GO Stadium discord is the most concentrated place to find top battlers, discussion and resources. Whether you need a scrim partner or discuss a particular line, you’ll be able to find someone to help out. 


Article by: RamblingRabbit & ndunn7