The deserved winner of Europe's first Play! Pokémon regional, Bassixx is one of the strongest players from Belgium. In Silph's ranked competition, with a similar show 6 pick 3 format to the Play! Pokémon events, Bassixx finished Season 3 as Belgium number 1, and finished Seasons 2 and 4 as Belgium number 2. In season 1 of Play! Pokémon, he participated in the Lille regional, coming 6th, and he has now finished as number 1 in Bilbao, securing a place in Worlds in Tokyo, with an allowance paying for his travel. It was a dramatic finish, where Vanniii knocked him into the losers bracket, but Bassixx got his revenge by resetting the bracket in the grand finals and then beating Vanniii in the final round.




A name likely well known to players who've participated in Silph, VaNNiii has a phenomenal record there, with achievements including hitting Silph's Legend rank an unparalleled 3 times, sweeping 23 seven-round tournaments, and achieving an unmatched streak of 19 platinum medals.

In Play! Pokémon, this Spanish player competed in three events in the original season, with his performances in the Lille Regional and the Last Chance Qualifier in London losing him Worlds qualification by just one place (while knocking both of the authors of this article out of the Last Chance Qualifier). In Bilbao, VaNNiii finally made it far enough, with a second place finish qualifying him for Worlds in the second season of Play! Pokémon.




Winner of last season's Lillie Regional and a valued member of Team France in the World Cup team competition run by Gymbreakers, lDexxBl has already taken part in a World Championship and featured highly on the Gymbreakers' player leaderboard.
lDexxBl only lost to the Bilbao winner himself, facing Bassixx in both the winners bracket and the losers bracket. This was enough for a third place finish for this solid competitor from France.




Playing in his home country, along with compatriot Vanniii, Ozusken is another player with longstanding participation in Silph. He brought home a respectable fourth place finish, finally getting knocked out of the losers bracket by lDexxBl above.