We've overhauled the Meta Cores graphic to highlight a wider range of GBL strategies! Check out these top lines and the Pokémon best suited to counter them.





We would like to thank Caleb Peng, ThoTechtical, Toshi, CCOFtw, & Wallower for allowing us to feature and break their lines. Thank you to YTXPikachu & GOBattleLog for usage data as always. Please go follow these amazing battlers to see them use the lines they popularized.


With this new style of GBL Meta Cores, there are both new & old terms to understand.


Lead: Pokémon first seen in battle.


Pivot: Pokémon switched to in bad lead or to draw out a counter.


Counter: Pokémon that has excellent matchups against the line.


Check: Pokémon that has win conditions against the line.


Core: A highly complementary pair or trio of Pokémon within a given meta.


Trio Core: A well-balanced line where each pair is highly complementary and any of the three can be the lead or pivot.


Unbalanced: AN asymmetric line (ABB) where the pivot baits out a counter by sacrificing itself setting up a sweep in the back.


Duo Core + Pivot: A well-balanced line that features a strong duo core, alongside a pivot that has strong neutral matchups and few meta hard counters.


Unconventional: Breaks the mold of standard team builds. (Triple Counter/Flyer)