Hope you enjoyed the Turns of Talon thought problem we tweeted out which covers scenarios testing your knowledge of advanced PvP mechanics! See the results of our poll here! Early on, Option 2 (WLWW) was well in the lead with over 37% of the vote, while Option 1 (WLWL) in 2nd place and Option 3 (WWWL) in 3rd place were separated by only 1-2%. This all of course dramatically shifted when the exceptional ThoTechtical replied with his answer of WWWL and the poll took a dramatic turn. We'd listen to Thomas, too! :D


Above is the original graphic with the Turns of Talon thought problem and a follow up graphic below explaining the answers in detail. This problem covers some of the more advanced game mechanic concepts in PvP, so certainly don't be disheartened if you didn't get the correct answer or fully understand the explanation. Even though I wrote this problem, I learned something new about the 2 PS scenario as I didn't previously know to which Pokémon the damage was applied when the switch occurs on the same turn as the fast move damage registering. However if you enjoy PvP, you can appreciate that we're all learning and improving! If you're interested in learning more about some of the advanced game mechanics covered in this problem, then definitely check out the videos from some excellent content creators below or tune in to watch top battlers that regularly discuss similar concepts on their Twitch channels like ThoTechtical and Wallower or simply execute at a high level like Kieng, HouseStark93, Reis, Arrohh or CalebPeng. Honestly, there are too many exceptional battlers in this community to name them all. Explore the amazing Pokémon GO community on Twitch, and you'll assuredly come across some excellent battlers!



Deferring Fast Move Damage from Wallower

Undercharging from Wallower

Charge Move Timing from Wallower | FPSticks | BloodyBananas