Two new Ultra Beasts? A Steel type Pikachu imposter? An actually useful Aggron? (Just kidding, it's still Aggron). Niantic just tested your mettle AND your storage space with an amazing but somewhat overwhelming event. Assuming you cleared space for Roggenrola Day and have since filled that space with event spawns you might be wondering what to do with all these new catches. Crush them? Trade them? Keep them until you have a space crisis the night before GoFest? Well no need to steel yourself because this event provides many great trade opportunities for every battler, with many sought after XLs to farm and solid Pokémon for all 3 major leagues. 


Let’s forge on ahead and figure out what to do with the mons in our storage from this awesome event!


The New Steel Types!


The Mighty Metal Mouse, Togedemaru!

Above all else we can agree that this Pokémon is hecking cute, but its value may not stop there! With its Steel + Electric typing and access to the hard hitting Charge Move, Wild Charge, the foundation is there for a solid PvP mon. That’s where my positivity comes to a screeching (squeaking?) halt. Anything with Wild Charge and not garbage stats will have some play, especially in limited formats, but I think that a lack of bulk and coverage will keep Togedemaru from being Open Great meta. 


Verdict: Keep your best for Great League. No real need to trade for better IVs. 




They debuted before the event started but it steel seems fitting that we should talk about the new Ultra Beasts in raids, Celesteela and Kartana. 




Kartana isn’t made for PvP. Let’s get that out of the way. It has good moves and solid typing but it’s just way way way too attack weighted for CP capped leagues and Open Masters doesn’t really have a large need for a flimsy Razor Leafer. That being said, you still want to get a high IV Kartana. It is the best and strongest PvE Grass Attacker we will likely ever see, mowing through Water and Ground type grunts with the greatest of ease. Very strong. Very fun. Just not built for PvP.


Verdict: Lucky trade and hope for hundo.  




Has the same Steel/Flying typing as Skarmory and shares access to the Fast Move Air Slash in common to the famous Johto bird. Where they start to differ is in their Charge Move coverage. Celesteela trades Flying type charge moves like Sky Attack and Brave Bird for Body Slam, Bulldoze and Heavy Slam. 


I personally don’t think Celesteela will be that good. I think it would have more play in Great Legaue as a Skarm alternative with access to Bulldoze to hit GFisk and Basti, but alas it can’t get under 1500 at raid level. And I just don’t think it will be that impactful in open Ultra or Master League. 

Verdict: Maybe flip for Ultra but not a high priority. 

For a more in depth look (and in Toge and Celesteela’s case a more positive look) on these new mons, check out the article Tangent444, Reddie, and I just put out!


Wild Spawns




Arons evolutions Lairon and Aggron have never been PvP stars but have seen play from time to time in limited cups. The biggest of these roles has probably been Aggron as a niche anti-flier in Ultra Premier Classic. Nothing special, but it has a debuting Mega so it might be worth grinding for the hundo anyways. 


Verdict: Trade these with best friends/lucky friends for a better Mega, if you care. Not worth flipping for PvP




Metagross has never been that great in CP capped leagues (shoutout to Butters for kind of making shadow Metagross work at one point in Great League) but it has always been an amazing choice in the returning Master League Premier Classic format. A key counter to the ever present Togekiss, if you don’t have a hundo Metagross or the candy to build it, now is the time. 


Verdict: Absolutely worth flipping with best/lucky friends if you don’t have the hundo yet. Bonus points if they are distance trades for that valuable XL candy. 




Another Psychic/Steel type, Brongzong, has also never really made its way into the Open Great league meta. A lack of clear role, subpar moveset, and severe weakness to ghosts/darks keep it relegated to theme cups. But when it’s good in theme cups, it tends to be a real powerhouse. We saw this come to fruition in this week's Psychic Cup. Has some play in Ultra Premier, but I would leave that task to YourCalcProf as it still has some serious weaknesses in that format too. 


Bronzor on the other hand, is one of if not the defining Pokémon of Little Cup. Bronzor mirrors are infamous, but so to is Bronzor infamous for how hard it beats up anything that doesn’t directly counter it. I wouldn’t build a Bronzor until it’s allowed in a Little Cup again (it’s a hefty investment) but it would be a huge mistake not to have one ready to be built by the end of this event. 


Verdict: Not really worth flipping for PvP, but worth trading for distance if you’re still lacking the ~600 XL candy to build this family for Little and Ultra League. 




Another Mon that struggles in CP capped leagues but shines in Master League is Drillbur’s evolution, Excadrill. A premium Dialga counter and a good anti-flier and anti-Steel option , you want to be ready to build a hundo for both Open and Classic Master League. 


Verdict: Worth flipping with Best/Lucky friends if you still need the hundo. 




Ferroseed’s evolution Ferrothorn was a highly anticipated and touted anti-meta Pokémon when it came to PGO. It never really achieved the prominence that some expected but it has still always been somewhere between solid to really good in the Open Great League meta. It does, however, tend to star in limited formats like last season’s Fossil Cup. Make sure you have one ready for Great League after this event. 


Ultra League Ferrothorn is very XL and fairly niche. It has some play in limited formats but it doesn’t like fire, doesn’t like Escav, and doesn’t like Steel. You may see the problem. Worth grinding as long as you’re playing the event but not something I would prioritize. 


Verdict: Flip with good/great friends for Great League. Flip with best friends for Ultra League. A top trade priority. 


Galarian Stunfisk


It remains to be seen what kind of spawn rate Stunfisk will have in this event, but if you missed out on it during the Worlds event, now is the time to correct that mistake. Stunfisk is one the best Pokémon in Open Great League and a solid pick in Ultra League formats. Also good in Little Cup when allowed.


Verdict: Top trade target. Use your trades to get GFisks prepped for both Great and Ultra League. 




Magnemite’s evolutions see some play in CP capped leagues, but usually in limited metas such as Kanto or Sinnoh Cup. The shadow is often preferable but not required. 


Where the final evolution Magnesone really shines is in the returning Master League Premier Classic format. A great anti-meta pick, beating both Togekiss and Dragonite while having solid play against Metagross, it is definitely worth hundo hunting a magnet this week. 


Verdict: Not worth your trades. 




Probopass, Noespass’ evolution, was once the king of Silph Season 1 regionals. But those times are long gone. Better Steel options exist and Probo struggles to fight back against todays many great punchers and Mud Shot users. It still performs decently in limited metas, so I wouldn’t ignore Probo if you haven’t built one yet.


Verdict: Not worth the trades.  




Pinceo evolves into Forretress. Fortress is the embodiment of being “just ok” as a PvP Mon. It has the coveted Steel typing, interesting coverage and access to Earthquake, but Bug Bite simply…bites as a fast move. Not a terrible pick in limited metas, but even then I would usually recommend the Shadow variant. At least Forrestress will always have the memories of Speediest’s Silph Championship run. 


Verdict: Not worth the trades or bag space. 




Prinplup is a cute little penguin, but is mostly a meme as a PvP mon. That being said, it evolves into Empoleon, an incredible pick for both Great and Ultra League. It tends to shine a bit more in limited metas, but boy does it ever shine in those spots, playing key roles in GBL cups like Sinnoh Cup. It will cost you an EliteTM for Hydro Cannon, but if you don’t have an Empoleon this event is an amazing opportunity to finally add one to your arsenal. 


Verdict: Worth the trades if you have actually zero Hydro Cannon Empoleon. Otherwise probably not worth the effort or EliteTMs


Quick Egg Pokémon Analysis 



Alolan Sandshrew: Had a Community Day so this isn’t a high priority in my opinion. That being said, it is a decent opportunity to flip with best/lucky friends for the Great League Shrew. 


Alolan Diglet: Lucky shiny dex? Next


Riolu: Evolves into Lucario, who isn’t amazing in Open Great League, but is often very strong in limited formats like Sinnoh Cup. Flip with low level friends if you can. Don’t forget that it’s cheaper to second move Riolu before you evolve it!


Galarian Meowth: Evolves into Perrserker, an interesting anti-meta Steel type with access to Shadow Claw and Close Combat. Can be good in some limited metas but isn’t anything to write home about. Worth the trades if you have the time and space. 


Quick Raid Pokémon Analysis


Beldum: See Above


Klink: Can help fill a lucky shiny dex. That’s all I got. Not worth the trades. 


Lairon : See Aron’s entry above.


Magneton: See Magnemite’s entry above. 


Scyther: Evolves into Scizor. Scizor can be a good anti-meta pick Open Ultra and in limited Great League formats like Halloween Cup. You probably want the Shadow Variant for PvP, but a good regular Scizor is better than no Scizor. Worth noting that its Mega Evolution recently came to PGO, so the hundo picks up more use. Flip with best/lucky friends if you care about the mega. 


Shieldon: XL Bastiodon is an AMAZING Great Legaue Pokémon, but you won’t want to build and use one with Raid IVs. Flip with good/great friends for better PvP IVs or trade for distance to finish off the necessary XL candy.


Skarmory: Similar story to Shieldon, but without as much need for XL Candy as Ultra League Skarmory isn’t that good. I would pass on this but if you have them to flip, favor good/great friend trades.


Mawile: There is a renewed interest in Mawile after the recent move update. Mawile gained access to the new Fairy type move, Fairy Wind and it’s fast energy generation. This gave Mawile more play as a generalist and moves it closer to Open Great League viability. It still lacks amazing stats and coverage and the Shadow variant is probably still preferable, but it would be a mistake to let this opportunity pass you by without getting a Mawile prepped. Also, it has a Mega evolution in the MSGs so there is some future value in raiding for the hundo. Probably better to flip with good/great friends for PvP IVs, but trading with best friends is fine as well. 

Priority Checklist


I’ll offer a quick checklist of Pokémon for each league that I would prioritize having prepped/traded for before you crush anything.


Maybe you already have some or most of this done already. Awesome! But I’m betting there will be at least a couple things you can still build or improve.


Listing as the final/target mon you will be evolving to


Great League 


High Priority

Galarian Stunfisk




Lower Priority




Alolan Sandshrew (hundo)





Togedemaru (if only because it’s new)


Ultra League


Galarian Stunfisk (hundo)






Master League






XLs you may need to trade for distance while you can 




Galarian Stunfisk

Master League Mons