Join us in Seattle for Pokemon GO Community Day this month for an official GO Stadium Meetup with twastell, melgood711 & Alfindeol! We will be hosting battles, trades & contests all afternoon long to celebrate both the Flailing Pokemon as well as MelGood’s Birthday!


Don’t forget there are official Niantic Activations happening around the world in select parks, so even if you can’t make it to our meetup be sure to get out and GO with a local community. Niantic will be at Seattle Center as well, so during the day visit their set up to check out what is going on in game & in person.

Check out the graphic below & full details farther down the page!


Meet Up Details

📅 April 23

⌚ 1:00 PM Pacific

📌 Seattle Center

      305 Harrison St

      Seattle, WA 98109


Check out our planned schedule so you will know where to meet us for specific events on the day, there is also a map of the Seattle Center with Gold Badges at the locations we will be at.


We will officially Meet at 1:00 PM Local Time


1:00-1:45pm Battle Royale Part I

Meet us at the International Fountain (Gold Battle Girl Badge on the Map)

Face off against Alfindeol, Twastell, and other battlers to see if you can be the beary best like no one ever was! If you can beat out the competition you can win a prize! It’s also Mel’s birthday so if you see her be sure to wish her Happy Birthday & she may have something special for you!



Grab a Bear-GO! card for your chance to win some prizes after Community Day! Work on completing your card throughout the day. Bring it back to Seattle Center after the CD concludes and you could win a prize!



Group Photo! The best part of Community Day is the people we play with & we want to commemorate the day with a photo!


2:00-5:00pm Community Day

Flail around with some Fluffy Friends! Find a group of trainers or travel solo and have fun around Seattle Center & the local area catching Stufful. See all the event bonuses and full event infographic here.



Meet us at the Armory Foodcourt (Gold Trade Badge on the Map)

Return to Seattle Center with your completed Bear-GO! card for a final tally, last chance for Silph Road check-ins, an opportunity for some trades, and time to evolve your Stufful into Bewear to get the exclusive move Drain Punch!  


5:00-6:00pm Battle Royale Part II & Trades

Face off against Alfindeol, Twastell, and other battlers to see if you can be the beary best like no one ever was! If you can beat out the competition you can win a prize!



Silph Road Check Ins

Silph Road Check-Ins will be available to get a special Bewear CD Badge for your Travelers Card, please see one of the Stadium Members hosting the event for your badge, if you need a Silph Travelers Card visit The Silph Road & sign up today!


Bear-GO Instructions:

Stop by the International Fountain before Community Day begins to grab a card from our team. Throughout the day, find Stuffuls that  match the details in each square. The first 3 trainers who show our staff their completed card once we have arrived at the Armory will be eligible to win a prize.


  1. You must have the Pokémon from your Bear-GO card in your storage
  2. Rename your Pokémon to match the corresponding Bear-GO square (i.e. BearGO1 for the top left square on your card)
  3. You can only use each Pokémon once for your card (i.e. if you have 1 Pokémon that meets the requirements of 2 squares you have to choose a single square for it count for)
  4. Present your card and Pokemon at the meet up at the Armory after Community Day
  5. The first 3 trainers that show their completed card and that have followed all of these instructions will be eligible to win a prize 


Battle Royale - Elite Four Challenge:

Elite Four Members: 

Champion of Memes: 

The one and only Alfindeol

Challenge Details: 

Challenge members of our Elite Four in order to get your chance to battle our Champion of Memes! If you manage to defeat all 5 battlers, you will be eligible for a prize.


1) Find a member of the Elite Four to challenge.

2) Spin the wheel of memes to determine your Pokémon for your battle. Your E4 member will do this for you. If you do not have enough Pokémon that meet the criteria you may request another spin.

3) In a best of 1, try to defeat the Elite Four member.

4) If you succeed, find one of our staff to verify your win and receive a special Go Stadium sticker. (You may challenge an E4 member as many times as you wish, but you can only receive 1 sticker in total no matter how many wins you get.)

5) If you do not succeed, you may attempt to re-challenge a member after other Battlers who are waiting for their first try have battled.

6) Repeat these steps until you have succeeded against all 4 Elites. Once you do you are eligible to take on the Champion of Memes.

7) Defeat the Champion of Memes in a best of 3 battles. 

8) Spin the wheel of memes to determine your battle. Spin the wheel for each of the 3 battles. 

9) If you succeed, come and find our staff to claim your prize. The first 6 battlers to complete the challenge will be eligible for a prize. (6 more battlers will be eligible after CD)

10) If you do not succeed, you may attempt to challenge the Champion again as long as there are no first time battlers waiting to challenge. First time battlers have priority over re-challengers.