Graphic By: u/Pa1amon


Write up By: u/Tangent444


Special thanks: Everyone on the Go Stadium team who helped with matchup relationships


In the Sorcerous Meta Snapshot graphic, we attempt to distill the Sorcerous Cup down to the central Pokémon you should be prepared to face and the matchup dynamics within this concentrated Meta. The relationships displayed here are counters (single arrow) with checks and IV-dependent matchups often excluded (no arrow). Thanks as always to PvPoke for supporting simulations. Also if you love discussing Cup Metas, come join in on the daily discussion at GO Stadium and forge new friendships with people as passionate about Meta discussion as you.


This month, our Sorcerous Snapshot comes very late in the month, so the graphic serves as more of a reflection on the Meta and the key relationships within. A few important notes about the Graphic:

  • The relationship between Skuntank and Azumarill is excluded because some Skuntank might run Crunch and Flamethrower, which only wins Azumarill in the 2S scenario. The relationship between Beedrill and Azumarill is included, but it is worth nothing that Azumarill can win the 0S matchup with Beedrill by landing a Hydro Pump (Azumarill can also do the same to Sludge Bomb Skuntank, though that 0S win is IV dependent)

  • The relationship between Wigglytuff and Toxicroak/Froslass is shown as a win for Wigglytuff, but for each matchup Wigglytuff requires one shield to get the win. This is typical for most Charm users, who often require one shield to maintain their wins. Against Munchlax, Wigglytuff does win in all even shield scenarios.

  • Medicham is positioned as a Wildcard due to its large variety of moveset options. It’s tough to say what matchups Medicham is sure to win without knowing what Charge moves it has. Dynamic Punch is needed to win Bronzong, Munchlax, and Alolan Muk, Ice Punch provides a quick hitting move, Psychic is the only option against Azumarill, and Power-Up Punch lacks shield pressure but can boost Medicham to pressure Fast move damage.

  • Lickitung and Lickilicky are positioned as Wildcards due to them being similar to Munchlax but having matchup differences that are tougher to draw. Lickitung is stronger against Azumarill, but has a much tougher matchup with Bronzong. Lickilicky provides more closing power with Earthquake, but also might be carrying Shadow Ball. Both are at a similar level to munchlax, but only Munchlax is pictured due to it being a more commonly used presence within the Meta.

  • Linoone is positioned as a Wildcard just simply to keep the graphic more simplified. It plays a useful role in the Meta as a generalist. Its role is similar to Munchlax, with key differences being it does better against Azumarill and has Thunder to threaten Noctowl, but loses to Dark/Poison types that Munchlax can generally win against.

  • Tentacruel is positioned as a Wildcard due to Acid Spray making it’s matchups tougher to define. It plays an important role as one of the hardest Azumarill counters in the Meta, resisting all of its moves.

  • Claydol is positioned as a Wildcard as it plays a unique role of using Ground type Mud Slap to threaten a number of team compositions that focus on Dark/Poison types, Bronzong, and Toxicroak. It struggles hard against the likes of Noctowl and Munchlax.

  • Honourable mentions Bibarel, Haunter, Cloyster, Glalie, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Ninetales, Venusaur, and Golbat all have merit within the Meta, and could be good choices for coverage on a team composition where they fit. They are a bit short compared to the big Meta players, but each has their own pros and cons. Other Pokemon not pictured, such as Sealeo, could also have a place in the Meta on the right team.

  • Kangaskhan, Wobbufet, and Furret are best left in the trash can.



Keep an eye out for Pa1amon’s Easter Egg hidden in the graphic!