By: PolymersUp


Special Thanks: Tangent444, Twastell and Nesabethan






Team Building in Sorcerous is fairly open compared to other Metas with dominant cores. Here, we try to provide an accurate depiction of how the majority of teams will be structured, while attempting to keep the Roster Archetype as inclusive as possible to a variety of team builds. However, some well-balanced rosters may still break the mold as long as they maintain coverage to effectively counter Meta-centric threats despite excluding one of the major roles. Importantly, the goal here isn't to define the nuances of specific matchups as in a Meta graphic, and therefore some Anti-Fairy options may not effectively counter all Fairy types for example. There are of course implications to each roster decision as well. For example, running Skuntank over a hard Charm counter like Tentacruel could mean that Bronzong is the optimal choice in the Psychic role. Hopefully, you find the Team Building Guide helpful and thank you for taking the time to read the post.



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