GO Stadium has long held that our core tenant and purpose is to #BuildTheCommunity and every member of this community is human & makes mistakes. The concern that has been voiced to us and we have had to live through numerous times is that when a good friend, a staff member, an active chatter, a top battler is outed for a past mistake for spoofing or cheating in Pokemon GO they are alienated from the community carte blanche. Some have tried rectifying their actions by publicly starting over, and others have quit altogether. Niantic allows a three strike system for anyone who has made a mistake to rectify their actions and continue playing, whereas spoofing is against our community guidelines full stop. When a member is suspected we launch a full investigation that if undeniable proof is found they are banned. Currently there are 199 banned members, from our discord and many more who are ostracized for a past mistake.


The question that we ask is should a FORMER spoofer/cheater be able to reintegrate into the #Battlers community by showing they have changed & how should that process look?



The following form is completely anonymous as we would like to have true community feedback. We would also like to clarify that if something like this is implemented, CURRENT spoofing and cheating of any kind will not be acceptable, the process would be for those who have made a mistake to own up to it & to battle side by side with us rather than on the other side of a witch hunt.