We are long time believers that the battlers community is one of the most positive and resourceful spaces in gaming and today a new asset to team building and practicing has emerged on the horizon. Coming soon from one of the top battlers in the SouthEast United States, AdibKhan, is Project Grookey.


The project is a real-time Multiplayer Simulator for Pokémon GO PVP. Seeing the growth and implementation over the last 10 years of Pokémon Showdown, we could see this becoming a resource that helps anyone test and prepare for new Metas without the hassle of grinding, only to find that Best Buddy Palpitoad isn’t the best choice.


With this, we’d like to introduce you to the developer behind Project Grookey & how you can keep tabs on its release in the coming year.




Q: What about Pokémon GO PVP interests you and where do you compete? We know you are a Silph Regional Winner & a GO Team Up Champion.


A: Pokémon GO PvP is the perfect combination of community and gameplay:


The Pokémon GO community is something really unique. Perhaps due to the social nature of the game, almost the entire community is extremely friendly and supportive. I really enjoy playing new players and talking about meta’s and matches. My Atlanta community is especially awesome! I can count on every ATL tournament having spicy picks and stiff competition!


PvP itself is very easy to pick up and I don’t necessarily have to spend hours of practice a day to stay competitive. Pokémon can fit into my regular schedule, where other competitive games may take it over. I love building teams, and every match is a fun puzzle.


Q: What is Project Grookey?


A: Project Grookey is a multiplayer PvP battle simulator. Build a team of six, find an opponent, and battle just like in Pokémon GO!


Q: What inspired you to bring a version of the Showdown emulator to the PGO realm? Is this something you have experience doing in the past?


A: I’ve been wanting something like Project Grookey for months now. Like many other players, I was hoping someone would build it eventually. However, after my fall semester, I decided to make this a “learning” project. I have a couple years of experience in the FinTech industry as a UI developer, so this would be my first time building server code.


Q: The project is still in early stages. When should battlers be looking out for a stable version to practice on, or is that a little too far out?


A: I made Project Grookey public beta my New Years resolution, so I definitely wanna have something people can use within the year. After my initial Reddit post, several awesome people reached out to help, so I have high hopes development will be swift! No official data yet! If a battler is interested in early access, they can sign up for our notification list,


Q: Where can battlers follow you to keep up to date on the progress of the project?


A: They can sign up for our notification list!


Q: If someone wanted to contribute to the code or to help in any way, where should we go?


A: If someone wants to contribute, that someone is awesome! We are happy to invite any developers or designers to the discord, send a DM to ImaDerpopotimus#5314 on discord.


Q: What are your goals for Project Grookey and yourself as a battler, in 2021?


A: I hope for Project Grookey to be fully playable for the public in 2021! As a battler, I plan to continue playing Silph. I’ve won a regional, swept a stacked 7-rounder, and hit #1 on Silph for a week, so the only thing left is to qualify for Worlds!




For even more information check out the introduciton Reddit Thread on Project Grookey.