Graphics by Mikeiff


Article by Nesabethan, Tangent444 and PolymersUp

Additional help with Analysis from NHoff, SmecherDev, AlphaFeeb and Twastell

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Season 8 is nearly upon us, and we’re excited about the upcoming release of Mienfoo, Great League Remix, Ultra League Remix, Elemental Cup and the many other changes ahead! Find out all of the details on our summary graphics and in the video from our friend Zyonik linked below! After that, get ready for a full breakdown on the move update changes and what we expect to see.

Check out our collaboration video with Zyonik here:

GBL Season 8 Schedule, GBL Season 8 Rewards, GBL Season 8 Cups & GO Battle Nights, and Move Update Graphics.

Download individual graphics here: [Schedule], [Rewards], [Moveset Changes], [Cups & GO Battle Nights]