As announced in recent GO Beyond updates, GO Battle Leagues Season 6 will take place throughout the entire “Season of Celebration” for a three month period. Today we have information and dates on the first half of the competitive season. For this season, there will be a full MMR reset; All players will begin the season with the same initial MMR.


Nov 30 - Dec 14: Great League Dec 14 - Dec 28: Ultra League & Ultra Premier

Dec 28 - Jan 4: Master League, Master Premier, Master League Classic & Holiday Cup (Great League)

Jan 4 - 11: Great League, Ultra League, Ultra Premier & Master League

Jan 11 - End of Season: TO BE ANNOUNCED


Holiday Cup: The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present & Future will be out and about in this Seasonal Themed Cup. There will be a CP Limit of 1500, & the only types available will be Normal, Grass, Electric, Ice, Flying & Ghost.

Master League Classic: This cup will feel awfully familiar & offer an option to those who are hesitant to use Candy XL to power up their Pokemon. There is no CP Limit, but any pokemon who has been powered up with Candy XL will be ineligible.

Double Dust: A battler’s two favorite words, “Double Dust”. From Dec 28 - Jan 4 earn twice the stardust for winning battles in GBL & completing sets.


The way that a trainer will proceed through the ranks has been altered slightly. Rank 1-20 will be based on the number of wins you have at each rank, excluding ranks 4, 9, 14 & 19. At ranks 4, 9, 14 & 19 you only have to complete the battles, no wins are required to advance to the next rank. However, these ranks will have special reward tracks which offer better rewards the more wins you get at that respective rank.

Rank 21+ will be reflected on the GBL Leaderboard & will be based on MMR with special medals. Ace Trainer will require at least 2,000 MMR, Veteran 2,500, Expert 2,750 & Legend 3,000+.


Certain ranks will add new items to the reward system for a trainer to encounter or will reward exclusively one type of reward depending on rank.

Rank 5: All five possible rewards will be a Mystery Item Bundle.

Rank 10: All five possible rewards will be a Stardust Bundle (we suggest using a premium pass here).

Rank 15: All five possible rewards will be a Rare Candy Bundle.

Rank 16: You’ll be guaranteed to encounter Chespin. You will also have a chance of encountering it on the rewards tracks for higher ranks!

Rank 17: You’ll be guaranteed to encounter Fennekin. You’ll also have a chance of encountering it on the rewards tracks for higher ranks!

Rank 18: You’ll be guaranteed to encounter Froakie. You’ll also have a chance of encountering it on the rewards tracks for higher ranks!

Rank 19: All five possible rewards will be a Mystery Encounter.

Rank 20: At Rank 20 you will be able to encounter a Special Pokemon to be announced in the second half of the season.

Legend Rank (3,000): Reach Rank 24 to be rewarded with the exclusive trainer pose based on Black & White’s N.

Legend Rank (3,000 MMR): You will encounter a Pikachu Libre.


Certain moves will be updated later in the season, stay tuned for future updates closer to the middle of this 3 month season.

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