Beginning in October of 2019, users of Pokémon GO that were on the operating system Android 10 or higher began to experience drastic Frame Rate Drops in GO Battle League and other PVP Features. As of April 2021 the issue persists. Today's letter is penned by and research completed by one of the top streamers and players of the game TheNut93.


The Frame Rate Drop issues first appeared in October 2019 with releases of Android 10 on different phones. I (Germany, OnePlus 7 Pro) downgraded back to Android 9 in December 2019 and didn’t have these problems for over a year. As I accidently upgraded to Android 10 in January 2021, the issues came back as well. Now on the current Android 11 beta the issues still happen, but not as frequently and hard as you can see in some of the videos related to Android 10 frame drops. The named issue can affect hitting the bubbles while playing the charge move minigame and makes fast move counting much harder. Sometimes, it also affects charge move activation, as the game won’t register the clicks on charge moves until the frames go back to normal.


Below I have compiled data from Reddit Posts as well as 30+ responses to a Twitter Survey asking for Phone Models, OS, and Videos if available to help locate the source of the bug.


All in all the problem limits the gaming experience a lot, and the community would appreciate an update on the issue.


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Data Complied from Reddit Threads & Twitter Surveys: