— June Spotlight Hours —

  • June 1 — Dwebble — 2x XP for catching

  • June 8 — Abra — 2x candy for catching

  • June 15 - Slowpoke - 2x candy for transfer

  • June 22 — Swinub — x2 XP for evolving

  • June 29 — Aipom — 2x stardust for catching

Mays enhancing the spotlight we looked at the ways to enhance each weekly reward. June is unique in that it has all 5 of the potential rewards in one exciting month. Included this month is concise PvP breakdown on IVs to target and how much to prioritize grinding for XLs during the weekly spotlight hours which occur on Tuesdays between 6pm and 7pm local time.


We will be looking at the only reward not covered last month: 2x XP for Catching


GO Stadium has an excellent IV rank checker to show how your Pokémon is ranked, and you can adjust for any way you obtain the Pokémon. The website is linked in the terms section at the bottom along with some helpful explanations of common Pokémon GO phrases if needed.

— June 1 — Dwebble Spotlight — 2x XP for Catching —


Catching with no other factors added except the spotlight reward

  • 200XP — Catching a Pokémon

  • 40XP — Nice Throw

  • 200XP — Great Throw

  • 2000XP — Excellent Throw

  • 40XP — Curve Ball

  • 100XP — First Throw


The reward this week is likely the one a lot of trainers look forward to with the addition of level 50. You can buy lucky eggs in the shop for 80 Pokécoins. They will give you twice the XP on top of the weekly reward. If you do not want to spend your money on Pokécoins make sure to earn them through the gym's rewards system which allows you 50 Pokécoins daily. You will need 1 lucky egg since they last 60mins. Lastly, similar to previous weeks, stacking Pokémon to catch during this hour will help you get increased XP. As you can see, stacking Pokémon from field research have multiple uses and it is recommended to save them for the spotlight hours you feel will most benefit your goals.




— June 1 — Dwebble Spotlight —


Bonus: 2x XP for catching


Dwebble: Bug/Rock - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1384


Crustle: Bug/Rock - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 2277


Weaknesses: Rock, Steel, Water


Resistances: Normal, Poison


Evolution Costs: 50 Dwebble candy > Crustle


2nd Charge Move Costs: 25 Dwebble candy & 10k stardust


LC: Dwebble: 1/15/15 level 16


GL: Crustle: 0/13/13 Level 22.5


UL: Crustle: 0/14/15 Level 45




XL Priority: Medium - Spice pick for UL with unique coverage


Shiny: Yes


Mega Evolve: Beedrill


PVP Considerations


Crustle is a solid contender at both the Great and Ultra league level. It sees play in Go Battle League, particularly in special cup formats such as Halloween Cup. In order to reach its maximum stat product in Ultra League, you will want to hunt for XL candies, but keep in mind that Crustle does not necessarily need a high stat product to succeed in Ultra League. A high attack on a Smack Down Crustle can help it win matchups more consistently with Alolan Muk and Kingdra. If you are looking to get spicy for Great League, you could also gather XL candies for making a Dwebble. It only hits 1401 CP at Level 51 and has fewer quality moveset options than Crustle has, but it would give you essentially a second Crustle for running degenerate crabhole lineups :D








— June 8 — Abra Spotlight —


Bonus: 2x Candy for Catching


Abra: Psychic - 15/15/15 level 50 - 1517 CP


Kadabra: Psychic - 15/15/15 level 50 - 2328ala CP


Alakazam: Psychic - 15/15/15 level 51 - 3456 CP


Weakness: Bug, Dark, Ghost


Resistances: Fighting, Psychic


Evolution Costs: 25 Abra candy > Kadabra 100 Abra candy, or 0 after trade > Alakazam


2nd Charge Move Costs: 50 Abra candy & 50k stardust


2nd Charge Move Costs for Shadow: 60 Abra candy & 60k stardust


LC: Abra: 1/15/14 level 14


GL: Kadabra: 2/15/14 level 27


GL: Alakazam: 1/15/15 level 18


UL: Alakazam: 0/14/15 level 30.5


ML: Alakazam: 15/15/15 level 50


XL Priority: Low - Spice pick for ML and Good for Raids


Shiny: Yes


Mega Evolve: N/A


PVP Considerations


Alakazam is mostly a spice pick in PvP, but it can have its uses in special cup formats. Its high attack, low stat product build is not what you typically look for in the capped leagues, and it tends to get overshadowed by other picks at the Master League level. It also typically wants Counter, which was a Community Day move for it back in 2020. This spotlight hour will have little impact for PvP but if you don’t have Alakazam yet you can hunt for one, or you could hunt for some XL candies to make a future Mega Alakazam for raids or in case Mega Pokemon are ever allowed in PvP - future sight for the win!








— June 15 — Slowpoke Spotlight —


Bonus: 2x Candy for Transfer


Slowpoke: Water/Psychic - 15/15/15 level 50 - 1386 CP


Slowbro: Water/Psychic - 15/15/15 level 50 - 2877 CP


Slowking: Water/Psychic - 15/15/15 level 50 - 2877 CP


Weaknesses: Bug, Dark, Electric, Ghost, Grass


Resistances: Fighting, Fire, Ice, Psychic, Steel, Water


2nd Charge Move Costs: 50 Slowpoke candy & 50k stardust


2nd Charge Move Costs for Shadow: 60 Slowpoke candy & 60k stardust


LC: Slowpoke: 2/15/14 level 16


GL: Slowbro: 0/13/15 level 22.5


GL: Slowking: 0/13/15 level 22.5


UL: Slowbro: 0/14/14 level 45.5


UL: Slowking: 0/14/14 level 45.5




XL Priority: High - Slowpoke is spice pick for GL and Slowbro/Slowking are spice for GL/UL


Shiny: Yes


Mega Evolve: Gyarados or Blastoise


PVP Considerations


Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking all have decent play in PvP. Slowpoke is a spice pick for Great League that hits 1403 CP at Level 51, and could see play in the right themed cup format. It has a lower stat product than Slowbro and Slowking, but has access to the move Psyshock which helps it stand out. Slowbro and Slowking are both viable picks in Great and Ultra League. Slowbro has lower energy charge move options with Ice Beam and Water Pulse, which tend to be preferable with Slowbro’s relative slow energy generation, compared to Slowking’s Fire Blast and Blizzard. Both Slowbro and Slowking require XL candy to reach their maximum stat product in Ultra League. Considering Slowpoke for Great League, Slowbro/Slowking for Ultra League, and the potential Galarian versions (which we don’t know what moves they will get), it is recommended to hunt for XL candies in case you might need them.








— June 22 — Swinub Spotlight —


Bonus: 2x XP for Evolving


Swinub: Ice/Ground - 15/15/15 level 50 - 837 CP


Piloswine: Ice/Ground - 15/15/15 level 50 - 2652 CP


Mamoswine: Ice/Ground - 15/15/15 level 50 - 3763 CP


Weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, Grass, Steel, Water


Resistances: Poison, 2x Electric


2nd Charge Move Costs: 50 Swinub candy & 50k stardust


2nd Charge Move Costs for Shadow: 60 Swinub candy & 60k stardust


LC: Swinub: 0/15/15 level 27.5


GL: Piloswine: 0/15/10 level 24.5


GL: Mamoswine: 0/15/7 - level 17


UL: Piloswine: 5/15/12 level 50


UL: Mamoswine: 0/15/13 - level 28


ML: Mamoswine: 15/15/15 - level 50


XL Priority: High - Mamoswine is a great pick for ML


Shiny: Yes


Mega Evolve: Abomasnow


PVP Considerations


Piloswine is a decent pick in Great and Ultra League. It can see play in themed cup formats and is worth hunting for. You will need XL candies if you plan on building an Ultra League Piloswine. Mamoswine has a lower stat product in GL and UL than Piloswine and thus does not receive much consideration there, where its only niche is its access to Mud-Slap that Piloswine does not have, but Mamoswine is a significant player in Master League. You will want to hunt for XL candies if you plan to build a Level 50 Mamoswine, whether that be for ML or just for Raid/Gym purposed. If you want to build a Shadow Mamoswine, you will need even more XL candies so this is worth hunting.










— June 29 — Aipom Spotlight —


Bonus: 2x Stardust for catching


Aipom: Normal - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1524


Ambipom: Normal - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 2733


Weaknesses: Fighting


Resistances: Ghost


Evolution Costs: 50 Aipom candy > Ambipom


2nd Charge Move Costs: 50 Aipom candy & 50k stardust


2nd Charge Move Costs for Shadow: 60 Aipom candy & 60k stardust


LC: Aipom: 0/14/14 level 14.5


GL: Ambipom: 0/13/14 Level 23.5


UL: Ambipom: 0/15/14 Level 48.5




XL Priority: Low - Moveset holds it back currently


Shiny: Yes


Mega Evolve: Lopunny or Pidgeot


PVP Considerations


Outside of moveset update considerations for the future, there is currently no PvP reasons to be excited about hunting Aipom s outside of the stardust bonus.






— Terms —


Spawn rate = How fast Pokémon will show up in a giving time


XP = Experience Points


CP = Combat Power


Pinap = Gives you twice the candy for catching


Silver pinap = Gives you twice the candy for catching and boost to help catching


Stacking = Keeping multiple research rewards to be used later


IVs – Individual Values


Mega Evolve = Pokemon when mega evolved will help gain extra candy


STAB – Same type attack bonus


META – Most effective tactics available


PVE = Player vs Environment – (Raiding/Gym Battles)


PVE - IVs = Individual values for Raiding – as close to 15/15/15 as possible


PVP = Player vs Player


PVP - IVs = Individual values for battling – usually low attack and high defense/stamina


Fast Move = Move used to gain energy for charge move


Charge Move = Move shown on the screen that energy is gained to use


GBL - GO Battle League


LC = Little Cup 500CP and lower (must be 1st form but can evolve)


GL = Great League 1500CP and lower


UL = Ultra League 2500CP and lower


ML = Master League unlimited CP