February Spotlight Hours —


  • February 1 Litleo  2x XP for Evolving


  • February 8 Spritzee  2x Stardust for Catching


  • February 15 Koffing  2x XP for Catching


  • February 22  Voltorb  2x Candy for Catching



In this edition we will include a concise PvP breakdown on IVs to target and how much to prioritize grinding for XLs during the weekly spotlight hours which occur on Tuesdays between 6pm and 7pm local time


GO Stadium has an excellent IV rank checker to show how your Pokémon is ranked, and you can adjust for any way you obtain the Pokémon. The website is linked in the terms section at the bottom along with some helpful explanations of common Pokémon GO phrases if needed.



— February 1 — Litleo Spotlight — 



Bonus: 2x XP for Catching

Litleo: Fire/Normal - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1611

Pyroar: Fire/Normal - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 3129

Weaknesses: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water

Resistances: Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel, 2x Ghost

Evolution Costs: 50 Litleo Candy > Pyroar

2nd Charge Move Costs: 25 Litleo Candy & 10k stardust

LC: Litleo: 1/15/15 level 13.5 

GL: Litleo: 415/15 level 50

GL: Pyroar: 0/15/10 level 20.5

UL: Pyroar: 0/15/12 level 38

ML: Pyroar: 15/15/15 level 50

XL Priority: Medium

Shiny: No

Mega Evolve: Charizard, Houndoom 


PVP Considerations

Litleo is a solid pick in Great League in the right limited metas. It is unlikely to make a splash in Open Great League, but has performed well in Holiday Cup thanks to its distinct Fire/Normal typing that makes it one of the hardest answers to Froslass in the game. Litleo needs Candy XL to reach the 1500 CP cap, and this is a perfect opportunity to hunt down more if you are short. Litleo’s evolution, Pyroar, is generally worse than Litleo in Great League thanks to lower bulk and having Dark Pulse instead of Crunch. That being said, every Pokémon is potentially one move shakeup away from relevance, so stock up on candidates for Great and Ultra League just in case. 



—  February 8 — Spritzee Spotlight —



Bonus: 2x Stardust for Catching

Spritzee: Fairy - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1415

Aromatisse: Fairy - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 2647

Weaknesses: Poison, Steel

Resistances: Bug, Dark, Fighting, 2x Dragon

Evolution Costs: 50 Spritzee Candy + Incense active > Aromatisse

2nd Charge Move Costs: 50 Spritzee Candy & 50k stardust

LC: Spritzee: 0/13/15 level 16

GL: Spritzee: 15/15/15 level 50

GL: Aromatisse: 0/13/15 level 24.5

UL: Aromatisse: 6/15/14 level 49.5


XL Priority: Low 

Shiny: Yes

Mega Evolve: Ampharos


PVP Considerations

Both Spritzee and Aromatisse are solid Pokémon in PvP. Spritzee in Great League is something you have potentially never seen before, but that might be more because of how expensive it is to build. Spritzee is one of the bulkiest Charm users currently in the game, although held back by its lower attack stat relative to other Charmers. It maxes out under 1500 CP at Level 51, so if you plan to build one you will want to take full advantage of this spotlight hour for Candy XL. Similar can be said for Aromatisse in Ultra League; in needs a lot of Candy XL to reach the 2500 CP cap. It doesn’t offer much relative to the other Charm options in Ultra League, so building one is more for the flex than it is for any actual in-game advantages. In the end this spotlight hour will allow you to look for a good rank GL Aromatisse, and look for Candy XL for GL Spritzee and UL Aromatisse. None of these stand out from other Charm users you likely already have, but if you want it you can go for it!



—  February 15 — Koffing Spotlight —



Bonus: 2x XP for Catching

Koffing: Poison - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1373

Weezing: Poison - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 2592

Weaknesses: Ground, Psychic

Resistances: Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Poison

Evolution Costs: 50 Koffing Candy > Weezing

2nd Charge Move Costs: 50 Koffing Candy & 50k stardust

Shadow 2nd Charge Move Costs: 60 Koffing Candy & 60k stardust

LC: Koffing: 0/15/11 level 16.5

GL: Koffing: 15/15/15 level 50

GL: Weezing: 0/14/14 level 25

UL: Weezing: 8/15/15 level 50


XL Priority: Low

Shiny: Yes

Mega Evolve: Venusaur, Gengar, Beedrill


PVP Considerations

At the current moment, Weezing has not found much use in PvP. Gather up a good rank one for GL and UL for a rainy day and hope for a moveset balance. Weezing needs Candy XL for Ultra League, so might as well stock up now.



—  February 22 — Voltorb Spotlight —



Bonus: 2x Candy for Catching

Voltorb: Electric - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1141

Electrode: Electric - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 2373

Weaknesses: Ground

Resistances: Electric, Flying, Steel

Evolution Costs: 50 Voltorb Candy > Electrode

2nd Charge Move Costs: 50 Voltorb Candy & 50k stardust

Shadow 2nd Charge Move Costs: 60 Voltorb Candy & 60k stardust

LC: Voltorb: 2/14/14 level 19.5

GL: Electrode: 1/15/15 level 27

UL: Electrode: 15/15/15 level 50


XL Priority: Low 

Shiny: Yes

Mega Evolve:  Ampharos, Manectric


PVP Considerations

Electrode is a solid but unspectacular PvP Pokémon. It has found use in Love Cup and Kanto Cup, but otherwise hasn’t surfaced much. If you don’t have one yet, this would be a great chance to hunt for a good rank version. Electrode for Ultra League is not much more than simply a spice pick with limited applications, but if that is your thing this spotlight hour presents a great chance to acquire much of the 296 Candy XL you need for Ultra League. 



— Terms —



Spawn rate = How fast Pokémon will show up in a giving time

XP = Experience Points

CP = Combat Power

Pinap = Gives you twice the candy for catching

Silver pinap = Gives you twice the candy for catching and boost to help catching

Stacking = Keeping multiple research rewards to be used later

IVs – Individual Values

Mega Evolve = Pokemon when mega evolved will help gain extra candy

STAB – Same type attack bonus

META – Most effective tactics available

PVE = Player vs Environment – (Raiding/Gym Battles)

PVE - IVs = Individual values for Raiding – as close to 15/15/15 as possible

PVP = Player vs Player

PVP - IVs = Individual values for battling – usually low attack and high defense/stamina

Fast Move = Move used to gain energy for charge move

Charge Move = Move shown on the screen that energy is gained to use

GBL - GO Battle League

LC = Little Cup 500CP and lower 

GL = Great League 1500CP and lower

UL = Ultra League 2500CP and lower

ML = Master League unlimited CP