Head Tournament Manager

Igor is the brain-trust of the GOStadium Lobby Structure, from his TM team to promotions, scheduling, etc. he has it down to a science.


Battle Chateau

Being admin for two of UK's biggest battling groups (London's Finest and NorthWest AllStars) leaves precious time available for Adellion to demonstrate that he is a noob at PvP.



Primary job is PvP; Secondary job is Steel Fabrication. So naturally his favourite types are Steel and Fire. Lunchbox is here to enrich the pvp community by providing more tournaments than necessary and by passing on everything the masterful coaches at kkpvpcoaching have taught him.


Town: Azalea

Active member since day one of GoStadium. Always up for battles and running tournaments. My wife says I am in to many tournaments, but that is not possible.


Town: Cinnabar

Portuguese battler. Psyduck enthusiast. Always running dangerously low on stardust. Let's have some fun, trainers!


Town: Pewter

Are you the guy on YouTube?


Battle Chateau

Proud father of 3 amazing boys. Pokémon fan since Red started his journey. Pogo make Magmar good please!



The Northern Irish French man we all deserve. Attentive father, average Battler and avid spice lord. The best thing to come out of Ireland since Guinness.


Town: Cherrygrove

Twin of Maui, Pokemon Champion, and Dungeon Master extraordinaire. Carlos spends most of his time either studying Mathematics, prepping for D&D, grinding dust for PvP, or on Discord rekting Kyle321N


Town: Mahogany

Loves battling, whether it’s GBL, Silph Cups, or Go Stadium. He enjoys traveling with his wife to see the sights and catch regionals. He’s also the Hoenn Champion (after surviving the Elite Four Challenge) one of the admin of the Silph League San Antonio discord, and a pretty good soccer player.


Town: Vermilion, Victory Road

Huge music enthusiast, average Pokémon trainer. Best beard on staff team. The original egg-breaker!



When Kyle isn't playing Pokémon Go he's serving delicious drinks in Northwest Indiana. And he's also playing Pokémon Go while at work. In his down time he's playing D&D and drinking. He also is a founding member and admin of his local area discord. Come get Rekt with him in the Flash Tournaments!


Open TM Manager

Math student from Croatia, one of the leaders in a local community, enjoys PvP battles and preparing some wild spiciness for his teams, especially the new shadows. Also rekt twastell twice out of 2 tries.


Town: Cianwood

Not good at cooking, especially with a griddle. He enjoys fantasy sports, 3 candy distance trades, and not walking on beaches. Mod for some Iowa/PvP discords and constant lurker on others. Still has everyone fooled into thinking he knows what he's doing.


Town: New Bark


Town: Viridian

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