Unlike CLIFFHANGER, STASIS allows you to bring any 6 Pokémon, but scoring restricts your Battle Party you actually bring into battle. All Pokémon are classified into one of 3 Tiers: A, B or C. Tier A Pokémon are worth 2 points, B are worth 1 point and C are worth 0 points. The maximum points allotted for a given Battle Party is 3. Here are the available Tier combinations:

A+B+C     A+C+C
B+B+B     B+B+C
B+C+C     C+C+C

STASIS can be played both in “blind 3” (similar to GBL) or declared teams of 6. While there are no direct restrictions on teams of 6, players must select Pokémon that will allow for Battle Parties that fit the format.​

Our Vision For STASIS:

A more balanced version of blind 3 battles.
A more accessible tournament style format with teams of 6.
A challenge for content creators looking for a twist in their GBL matches.
A model for Niantic from the community on how GBL could be improved.


Although the name might imply inactivity, the STASIS Team will continue to work toward improving the meta as we collect your feedback and Niantic continues to add new Pokémon and movesets to the game. 




The STASIS Team:

BGold - Analyst

gastonagustin - Analyst

KakunaMattata42 - Analyst

AJ - Analyst

Jibaku - Analyst

StefanEijg - ML Playtester & Analyst

Nesabethan - Manager

Tangent - Manager

PolymersUp - Analyst & Graphic Artist

Special thanks to JRHonda, RamblingRabbit, Scotty and the entire GO Stadium team for promotion of the format.

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