Co-Owner, Founder, CTO

Kris, who founded GO Stadium back in 2019, is also the developer of PvPBot & Stadium Gaming's Chief Technology Officer. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his wife and daughter.


Director of Content Creators

I like camerupt.


Director of Finance

Nikki spends her time focused on GTU, pouring over the financials, and editing Cody's articles :) Be sure to wish her a happy birthday!


Dispute Moderator & Mechanic Guru

Nick leads moderation of dispute discussion for league, flash, and team tournaments. When not pretending to be Erika, Nick spends his time deep diving into simulations, aspiring to stream high level PvP content, and teaching Chemistry.


Co-Owner, StadiumCast Host, CEO

John is the visionary of the group, getting us where we need to be and who we need to be with. Working with the #BuildTheCommunity mindset, he strives to make a Community Focused Organization surrounding the franchise he loves, Pokémon.


Director of Creative Development


Director of Live Experiences


Head Tournament Manager

Igor is the brain-trust of the GOStadium Lobby Structure, from his TM team to promotions, scheduling, etc. he has it down to a science.


Director of Community Outreach

Cody Miles can find the answer to any question you have & is most active in maintaining the Twitter & Instagram Brand Pages.


Director of Elite Services

When he's not arguing with John, Tristen can typically be found sharing his knowledge and love for the game by shoutcasting. With Justin he leads the meta development team to bring you exciting new formats such as Cliffhanger and GoTeamUp. But is he the real twastell?


Director of Technical Development

Tydin loves basketball and spending time with his family. Currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona


Meta Development and Analysis

Alongside Tristen, Justin is one of the leads on meta design, including the structure of Team Formats and a key contributor to the outstanding Cliffhanger Team. He also enjoys diving into the nuances of IV optimization, helps design some of the Meta graphics and assists our exceptional team of Meta Analysts.

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