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STASIS 1.2 Update | Changes in the dawn of the XL Era

The introduction of XL Pokemon brought a number of significant changes to the UL and ML Meta. As the Stasis development team, we took to the task of figuring out a good tiering for all the new additions to the Meta that would maintain the balance of the format. On top of that, the January moveset update brought more additions for us to look into.

UL Stasis Developer Notes

Pokemon that can be powered up past Level 40 has introduced a number of Pokemon that see play in Great League, such as Galarian Stunfisk and Umbreon, to be able to reach a higher potential in Ultra League. In the end, we placed 5 new Pokemon in the A Tier, nearly doubling the number of Pokemon in the tier, and also placed 9 new Pokemon in the B Tier. We will be watching the usage of these Pokemon to see if changes in tiers will be necessary in the future.

New A Tier Additions:

Galarian Stunfisk, Mandibuzz, Umbreon, Deoxys Defense, and Abomasnow

  • Galarian Stunfisk was not a surprise here. When leveled up with XL candy, it becomes comparable (if not superior) to Registeel as a dominant Steel type tank.

  • From usage data, Alolan Muk from the B Tier was already the highest used Pokemon in the Stasis Meta. Umbreon and Mandibuzz appear to be strict Upgrades to Alolan Muk, outside of matchups with Charm users where they struggle more. Their massive bulk and ability to hard-counter Giratina made the case for them to go straight to the highest tier.

  • Deoxys Defense powered up with XL candy is currently impossible, but this tiering is in place for the future when it does become possible.

  • Abomasnow was a bit of a surprise at first, but its ability to threaten some of the biggest names in UL, along with the power of Powder Snow + Weather Ball, made us decide to put Abomasnow at the highest tier available.

New B Tier Additions:

Alolan Ninetales, Skarmory, Ferrothorn, Galvantula, Scrafty, Jellicent, Politoed, Hypno, Primeape

  • Alolan Ninetales was going to at least be in the B Tier, as it even got consideration for A Tier. It becomes the dominant Charm user in the format, along with the added bonus of being able to run Powder Snow as an alternative Fast move option.

  • Skarmory is known for its GL dominance, but with XL candies it can bring that game to the UL level. It didn’t appear strong enough to warrant A Tier, but it will be a strong pick in B Tier.

  • Ferrothorn at the XL level is comparable to B Tier Grass types such as Venusaur, who boasts a similar property as a Grass type that can counter Fairies and other Grasses. Unlike Venusaur, however, Ferrothorn provides more bulk.

  • Galvantula was a bit of a borderline case for either B or C Tier, but we decided to play it safe by placing it in the B Tier to start. The ability for Galvantula to lower opposing Attack means it might play better that simulations indicate by setting up its teammates to win matchups.

  • Scrafty is similar to Obstagoon as a Fighting type that can fight back against Ghosts, and XL candies help it reach 2500CP in order to be relevant in UL.

  • Jellicent should be a powerful option in Ultra League, once players have gathered enough XL candies to get it up to 2500CP.

  • Politoed is a mini-Swampert in UL, much like it is in GL, and has the option of running either Earthquake, Blizzard, or Return alongside Weather Ball spam. Note that Return would leave Politoed walled by Giratina, but would be a solid option outside of that matchup.

  • Hypno was a surprise to us at first, but it looks to be a strong confusion user with a multitude of Charge move options that puts up an impressive record against the UL Open and Premier Metas. It does not even reach 2500CP at Level 51, yet it finds a way to be a threat due to its massive bulk.

  • Primeape plays similar to Machamp in UL with powered up with XL candies, and has a variety of moveset options to play with. This promotion was not decided by Primeape's brief access to Weather Ball, which could be removed at a moment's notice, but having it in a higher tier certainly helps curb usage with that potential moveset.

C Tier Pokemon that were considered:

Altaria, Alolan Raichu, Bronzong, Kanto Ninetales, Gothitelle, Rapidash

  • All of these Pokemon were put to a vote but ultimately stayed at the lowest tier, at least for the time being. We have our eyes on each of them as potential additions to the B Tier as more usage data comes through.

We hope you enjoy playing UL Stasis as much as we enjoy tiering it for you all!

ML Stasis Developer Notes

The introduction of XL Pokemon provides one the greatest challenges that Master League has ever faced: How does it handle XL Pokemon in an era where getting XL candies for Legendaries is near impossible, creating the biggest divide yet between the haves and have nots of the game? The ML Stasis team have decided for now that Pokemon powered by XL candies are currently not allowed in the Stasis Format, which will follow similar to Master League Classic. This will continue until a time where a resource such as XL Rare Candy is more readily available to the player base.

The latest changes, along with the development of the format to begin with, are in large part thanks to StefanEijg and the rest of the team over at PoGoRaids. The format does not exist as it is today without their recommendations and format testing.

New B Tier Addition: Genesect

  • Genesect is a glass cannon, but the extreme power of Techno Blast makes it a threat. Its power was deemed to be fitting at the B Tier level.

Demotion to C Tier: Heatran

  • Heatran is a bit slow and matchup dependent, and its power felt better at the C Tier. It is a specialized Anti-Charm weapon, but can struggle outside of that role. It particularly struggles with almost the entirety of the B Tier, which makes it less desirable of a B Tier selection.

Considered but no change in tiers: Excadrill

  • Excadrill was looked at for B Tier, but it looked like a downgrade from Landorus due to its lower stat product and felt more appropriate at the C Tier for now.

If you missed Kieng’s recent stream on ML Stasis, be sure to look for it if and when he releases a Youtube video. Best of luck in all your ML Stasis battles!

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