"Why Does GO Stadium Rank Checker Suck Now?" And The Other Questions We've Been Asked

Recently the GO Stadium dev team released three new Rank Checker tools for battlers to use replacing the old website at gostadium.club/pvp/iv. We have been asked constantly why, about the speed of the new site & more. We have replied individually & through many different channels and would like to instead tell the story of the new rank checker here & answer some of the questions you may have.

The original Rank Checker was directly tied in with the PVPBot that is currently live on 1,933 Discord Servers & being used by 607,020 individual users. During Community Days at the beginning of the year we were noticing that the old site would crash once or twice, the bot needed to be restarted, etc., so we would ramp up cloud servers and capabilities for those peak days and would continue on, until Abra. Abra Community Day we had 3,000,000 checks between the site & bot before the event began in the Pacific Time Zone. We were at full capacity, everything was crashing multiple times an hour and no one was able to access anything. So we made the decision that it was time for an updated checker that could at least handle the load.

We took the last two months bringing on two wonderful Web Developers, beta testing, tweaking three new tools with features that we felt would improve the community: Best Buddy Rank Checking, Mega Rank Checking & Family Support. We also created tools with the ability to check in 3 leagues at one time & see a list of top 100 ranks instead of only top 25. The day before we went live loading was as fast as we could get it & believed that the site at minimum would not crash, we may see slowdown but the community would at least have a tool when they needed it. We threw the switch, and then...


We began the day with normal CD traffic and everything was going well for the most part. The tool was working as expected until Central Time Zone's Community Day & the site began to slow down. At this time in the past, the site, the bot & the 607,020 users accessing this information would have no way of rank checking with GOStadium, the new site however continued to provide information - admittedly a bit slowly. Our devs used their CD time to continue to push out improvements to problems you can't encounter during Beta Tests & have continued to do this in the days since.

Currently the load times are ~2 seconds on each tool during peak time, very close to that of the old site for most users, the service we use however doesn't work well if you have an Ad Blocker on & will cause your load time to go up a bit, so if you happen to have an ad blocker, add stadiumgaming.gg to the white list. We are working on fixes for this now.

Has the rollout been perfect? No, but there was no way for us to encounter these issues during beta and all seemed good before launch. We’ve taken the feedback that we’ve received & during the end & after CD we have seen massive improvement to load times & are constantly tweaking to get the best performance possible & hopefully soon there will be an even fresher experience for checking your ranks.

GO Stadium's goal is to provide the best experience possible and smoothest resources including articles, checkers, audio & video, and while this launch wasn't smooth the end goal will be the best online tool possible. More updates will continue to roll out that will only improve what we already have. Below are some of the top questions we've received so hopefully you understand where we're coming from & maybe how you can help.

Can access be restored to the old tool, it was better? The old tool was extremely unreliable & crashed way too often and is now permanently offline. The new site, while slow this past weekend has now been updated to similar performance for most users. With constant updates & the requested features we hope you'll grow to love the new one as you did the old.

I'm still having issues, how can I let you know? Head to the discord and post any issues in the #stadiumgaming-gg🌐 channel one of our members can take the report and work with you to get it working. Please tell us more than "this sucks'', explain your issue, how we can be better and we’ll try to be. Remember that "this sucks" is the "this sucks" of feedback it tells us nothing. If you’re still having loading issues, you may have cached some old code and we can help with that.

How did these tools make it out without testing? While you may think we rushed it, this tool was tested for 2 months with beta testers, staff & members of the community. If you'd like to join the beta program, head to the same #stadiumgaming-gg🌐 and post a screenshot of you logged into the site & request access to beta testing. Once approved you'll gain access to new features & fixes first and help us test them.

Why three different tools? Not everyone plays the game the same way and new tools allow more people to play as they want. The traditional Rank Checker is the same experience with a new coat of paint. The Full IVs will allow you to see a list of top 25, 50, 100 IVs of any Pokemon so that you can search for certain points/have a list for a hunt/etc.

Will the API for this be public? No, there are no plans for this at the moment.

Absolutely no one likes this design. Will you keep it? We’ve gotten both positive and critical feedback on the change and we are looking into a stripped down version, but it will match the theming of the site as a whole as this one does.

I have other questions not answered here, how can I ask? Send us a tweet or ask in the discord, one of our dev team or other staff members can likely help you out.

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