Ultimate Showdown 2020

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Twenty four of the top players in the world will battle it out in two distinct draft formats—a classic snake draft with two ban rounds and an auction draft—for Ultimate Showdown 2020.


CalebPeng: GO Stadium Elite Coach, Silph Rank #35 Worldwide

McalAIA: Silph Rank #14 Worldwide

FranciscoISCO89: Silph Rank #21 Worldwide

MephisfloAMD: 2020 Silph EU Continentals Champion, Silph Rank #42 Worldwide

Slaml: Silph Rank #43 Worldwide

Xtmin: Silph Rank #56 Worldwide

Angelino511: Silph Rank #1 Worldwide

HouseStark93: GO Stadium Elite Coach & Silph Rank #8 Worldwide

Cristozun: Silph Rank #17 Worldwide

Dobbyk9: Silph Rank #53 Worldwide

Panick23: Silph Rank #59 Worldwide

TheNut93: 2019 EU Ultimate Showdown Champion, Silph Rank #12

vaNNiii: Silph Rank #6

Limonlime94: Silph Rank #19

Toshi9227: GOStadium Elite Coach, Silph Rank # 22

HoldinMcNuggets: Silph Rank # 27

Savageboi69420: Silph Rank # 48

ValorAsh: 2019 Philly Ultimate Showdown Champion, GOStadium Elite Coach

CCOFTW: Silph Rank #3 Worldwide

Doonebug97: Silph Rank #7 Worldwide

Ramberto777: Silph Rank #11 Worldwide

Only Aggas: Silph Rank # 45 Worldwide

JetSen1: Silph Rank #46 Worldwide

SpeediestChief2: Silph 2020 Worlds Champion


Four groups of six players will be randomly seeded. Each group will hold a classic snake draft with two ban rounds, one prior to Round 1 and the other between Rounds 3 and 4. Matches will consist of 3 games and be played in a round-robin style. Game ties are allowed. Match wins (i.e. 3-0 or 2-1) will yield 3 group points and match ties will yield 1 group point to both players. The top two players from each group by group points will advance to the Championship Stage.


Eight players will take part in an auction draft. Each player will have a budget of 200 pokécoins for bid placements. The nomination order will be randomized. Players will alternate nominating a Pokémon and then interested players will place public bids and counter bids until all teams have been filled. Players will then be seeded based on group finish in a double elimination bracket.


All drafts will be live with the exact times to be determined based on the availability of the players. Pick time limits will apply to ensure drafts are completed in a reasonable time. Snake drafts for the Group Stage will be held on 9/12 or 9/13, and the auction draft will be held on 9/19. All Group Stage matches will be played off-stream from 9/13 through 9/17 with all recorded matches to be uploaded and featured on a later GO Stadium recap stream. LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE

September 18: Group A & B Elimination

September 22: Group C & D Elimination

September 25: Finals Auction Draft

September 26: Ultimate Finals

All streams will be on the GOStadium Twitch Channel, exact times to be announced.


If two or more players are tied in group points when considering advancement, the following tiebreakers will be applied in order:

  1. winner of the head-to-head matchup(s);

  2. most game wins across matches amongst the tied players; then

  3. most game wins across all group matches.

If two players still remain tied, then they will face off in a sudden death game to determine advancement.

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