Metagross in the Premier Cup & Master League GBL

Today, GBL switches to both Master League & access to the first official Pokémon GO restricted meta, Premier Cup. We'd like to showcase a pick that will fill roles in both of these metas over the next few weeks, Metagross.

Metagross is the meta-defining steel type of Premier Cup. With access to powerful charge moves and great defensive coverage, expect to see many of them in your battles.

Slightly on the fringe of the open ML meta, Metagross sees play as a counter to Dialga that takes neutral damage from Melmetal.

The attached graphics have the basic knowledge you need for Metagross in both Master & Premier, more details will be found below.


In both Master League & Premier Cup there is no CP Cap, so it is recommended in all cases to have a 15/15/15 IV pokémon, or as close as one can reasonably get with the resources that one has.


When playing in a league this high it is a requirement to have a double move, so this will cost you 75 Beldum Candy & 75,000 Stardust. As for the set you should be running, you have options in the charge move department. Bullet Punch & Earthquake are both required as Fast & Charge moves, respectively. Meteor Mash is a Legacy Move from Community Day and generally preferred for its high DPE, but Psychic could be a potential wrinkle for Charizard and water types such as Kyogre, Gyarados & Swampert.

Should I???

In this graphic series, we like to answer three very important questions when building any PVP pokémon. Should I Trade? Yes, we suggest lucky trading for a Metagross if you happen to not have one already made to make the powering up process less expensive. Should I Best Buddy? Yes, a Best Buddy Metagross will win CMP in the mirror match, flip Magnezone from a loss to a win & there's a breakpoint against Dragonite that doesn't impact simulation scenarios but could help speed up a mid-game farm down. Should I Elite TM? Probably not, even though Meteor Mash is a very strong Legacy Move, Elite TMs are hard to come by, and there are likely better targets such as exclusive moves like Fire Punch Groudon which won't be available again in the annual December CD make-up event. We suggest either trading for a Lucky MM Metagross or trying out Psychic + Earthquake initially.

Recommended Partners

Dragonite Gyarados





These are by no means the only partners to make a good team with Metagross. All Dragon Breath users pair well with Metagross as well as any pokémon poised to counter itself such as Kyogre & Rhyperior.

Top Threats







Other threats include Swampert & Garchomp as well as other Ground & Water type users.

Graphic: RamblingRabbit

Article: AJ & RamblingRabbit

Thank you to GOStadium Meta Analysts AJ, GastonAugustin, Nesebethan, Palamon, PolymersUp & Tangent444 for input.

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