How To Join A GOStadium Flash Tournament

Updated: Jun 11

Firstly, what is a Flash Tournament? Flash Tournaments are, generally, live one day tournaments outside of the GOStadium Lobby System. These may be ranked Silph Tournaments, Auto Reccomended Battles or just for practice. In order to join these tournaments and gain access to the check in code, you must opt in to the channels by following these easy steps.

  1. Join the GOStadium Discord

  2. Get notified of new tournaments (optional)

In order to get notified, head over to the #community-roles channel of the discord & react with the 🗡 emote to the menu. Here you can also be notified with other information we post in the discord. Doing this step isn't necessary, but you'll be scrambling to find the most up to date schedule without it.

3. Gain Access to the tournament you want.

Tournaments usually take place in the same four rooms, either by timezone (APAC, North America, European) or in Auto-Rec. Occasionally there will be special tournaments that require their own lobby. Head over to #available-flash-tournaments & react with the ones you are interested in.

4. Join The Tournament

Once you've done this, a new channel will open to you where the most recent information will be pinned & you will gain access to the check in code for the tournament.

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