GTU6 is Here!

Updated: Feb 18

The sixth official #GOTeamUp tournament is upon us and will be open for registration in just a few days.

As each tournament progresses, new challenges are overcome. We’ve modified a few rules to adjust as the environment changes. Full updated ruleset can be found here in the information tab. This blog post is for the most important changes, teams competing will be bound by.

Summary of Rule Changes

  • Player Substitutions - These are still allowed; however, you cannot sub in anyone who was previously registered on a team during the current tournament.

  • Score Submissions - Once a score is submitted, it is final and cannot be disputed.

  • Outside Assistance - While we have always allowed this among teammates, the rules have been updated to specify that teammates only include the other members registered to your team.

  • Disputes - In the event that a victory was absolutely certain but lag interferes, we reserve the right to overturn the journal entry result instead of issuing a rematch. These will not be taken lightly and will require complete confidence that there was no win condition for the opponent. Examples of situations that could qualify:

  • Lag interference when the only mons left are a 2 shield Skarmory vs. a 0 shield Victreebel

  • A charge move that would be game ending that instead does 0 damage

These updated rules outlined here & all rules found on the main rules page for #GOTeamUp are in effect immediately.

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