Grass-Themed Friendship Day


With the announcement of the Friendship Day event here is what you need to know to maximize your 3-hour playing time and 3-hours of trading time after the event ends. We will first look at PVP mons to watch for and then how to maximize your XP gains during this event.

Saturday, April 24, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time.

You will have an increased chance of receiving a Lucky Pokémon when you complete a trade with a friend. Please note that this lucky Pokémon bonus will be active until 5:00 p.m. local time on the day of the event.

During this mini event, various grass-type Pokémon will be appearing more often in the wild and there are a few you will want to hunt XL candies and obtain high IVs for.

GL – Exeggcute

UL – Chikorita, Seedot, Ferroseed, Snivy, Snover, Lileep, Lotad

Mega – Bulbasaur, Snover, Treecko

There are a few ways to gain XL candies during this event. The first is catching wild Pokémon but depending on how much you grind, it is recommended to use this method as a bonus. Incense and Lures activated during the event will last for three hours which will help increase spawns to improve the catching method. Unfortunately, getting XL candy is random, unpredictable and can result in 0 unless you catch stage 1 or 2 evolutions, so I would not rely on this method if you wanted to farm a lot. Although catching isn't the most reliable way to get XL candy, it is the most crucial way to obtain Pokemon in order to be able to trade them so plan accordingly.

The more reliable way to gain XL candies is to trade with a friend. With the increased chance of receiving lucky Pokémon and the trade distance increased to 40KM, trading will be an important part to help save time and resources during this event. You gain candy for the Pokémon you are trading so be aware of the mons you are sending to your friends. If the Pokémon being traded were obtained under 10KM apart, each trainer will receive 1 candy and small chance of an XL candy. If the Pokémon being traded were obtained under 100KM apart but over 10KM, each trainer will receive 2 candy and have a slightly higher chance of getting an XL candy. Lastly for trading, if the Pokémon being traded were obtained over 100KM apart each trainer will receive 3 candy and 1XL candy.

You can gain candy walking with your buddy during this event but be sure to be safe and follow local guidelines for protecting yourself and others.

The last way to gain XL candy during this event is to transfer Pokémon. With the in-game appraisal system you can check IVs for Pokémon recently caught in your bag and decide what you want to keep. If you are just looking for high IV mons, you can sort by recent and search “4*” which will show your recent 100% IV mons or “3*” which will give more mons but with still high IVs, all depends on what you are searching for. We have a great guide on what to look for from lucky trades for Pokémon not highlighted in this event if you want to just take advantage of the increased lucky Pokémon chance bonus.

Now let us look at how to maximize your XP gains during this mini event. Lucky eggs will earn trainers double the XP they obtain for 30mins while the egg is activated. These eggs will be very helpful to increase you XP gains during this event. They are obtained through research tasks or previous events or can be purchased in the shop for 80 pokecoins each or 8 for 500 pokecoins. If you wanted to run lucky eggs for the entire event you will need 6 so be prepared. Like certain spotlight hours have had, 3× catch XP bonus will be active for the duration of the event.

Furthermore, during this event there will be Global challenges each hour which if completed will earn trainers 20, 000 XP. These global challenges seem similar to Go Fest when trainers worked with their teams together to complete challenges. Lastly for trainers that complete the Friendship Day Collection Challenge before the event concludes you will earn 100,000 XP so be sure to have a lucky egg activated then if you have them.

In conclusion, this event looks like a great way to earn some grass XL candies through catching and trading as well as obtaining some lucky Pokémon, along with a bunch of XP. The setup for this event seems like it will work well for other type themed events, along with other bonuses like stardust or extra candy which could add a lot of extras to the game.

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