#GOTeamUp Rules Update October 2020

The fifth official #GOTeamUp tournament will be open for registration on Monday, October 26th and will close on Saturday, October 31st at 12:00pm EDT. In reviewing battler commentary and situations that occurred during prior tournaments, we have both added rules and modified old ones for further clarity. The full updated ruleset can be found here in the information tab. This blog post is for the most important changes.

Summary of Rule Changes

  • Game Ties - Individual game ties will result in 0.5 game points for each battler.

  • Score Submissions - Failure to report a match outcome by a player will result in a one game point penalty to their team (up to 4 game points per team per series).

  • Pokémon Registration - Movesets will now be required upon registration. Penalties have been outlined in the event that a player registers their Pokémon incorrectly (wrong evolution, incorrect cloak, etc.).

  • Player Substitutions - Teams are allowed to substitute a player once per tournament. The substitute will remain as the registered player through the end of the tournament.

  • Elimination Stage Seeding - See full rules for details.

These updated rules outlined here & all rules found on the main rules page for #GOTeamUp are in effect immediately.

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