Flash Tournament House Rules

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Joining The Tournament Rule Number One in order to compete in a GO Stadium Flash Tournament, you are reqiured to be in the discord & in the correct channel.

To join the discord visit this link.

If you are unsure how to join in to the correct channels, make sure to read these instructions.


30 minute rounds. Tag, DM, play. Please no waiting around to do raids etc, when you're in here... Make us your no.1 priority. Slow play will be penalized - see penalties in the Unresponsive Opponents section below. Some of these tournaments are live on Twitch and does not need delays not caused by games issues/disputes.


Disputes can happen, disputes can delay. Accept this. If you do have a dispute, remember to message @Match Disputes with the issue and myself and other TMs will get on it.

Be familiar with Silph rules. No evidence. No dispute. If you do have a dispute, your first port of call is your opponent, then talk to us if you can't resolve.

On separate note, via ruling of Silph, the current 'CMP switch 'glitch'' is not seen as rematch viable.

GO Stadium rules are Important also. Be courteous, be kind and have fun too! If you're not in the channel, you will be removed! Please don't leave the channel or give the link to your friends not here, unless they join.

If you require to be removed, @Flash TM with the request. Don't just post in the chat or tag any random TM as this can be lost very easily.

If the dispute goes over the listed round timer on silph, we do have the authority

to keep the tournament moving per Silph Rules. Voluntary Removal From Tournament

If life comes up & you need to leave tag the @Flash TM role and we will remove you as fast as we can. If you do not tag that role, we can't see you need to be removed in the chat that is happening with up to 140 people. If you do not tag us and we don't remove you that is on you. You must make us aware. Live! on Twitch

Occasionally we hold these Live! on Twitch with a featured battler. In order to keep the integrity of the matches, anyone caught watching the stream while in the tournament will be faced with grounds for removal from the tournament as you will be actively seeking information. Recording Matchups

In light of recent glitch & exploit events, all trainers competing in a GOStadium Flash Tournament should record their screen & provide it to a Tournament Manager if requested through a dispute. Per Silph rules if you have a dispute, it us up to you to provide proof through screenshots/recordings.

Unresponsive Opponents

5 minute mark – first warning

10 minute mark – second warning (game 1 loss)

20 minute mark – third warning (full round loss)

If both battlers are unresponsive, both are to be removed from the tournament.

*If you have concerns about screen recording, reach out to @Flash TM. Any dispute brought forth with missing recordings from either side will face extra scrutiny.

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