Elite Four Challenge: Journey To Hoenn

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Elite Four Challenge: Journey to Hoenn will be held a little differently. Fifty Trainers will be able to take on the challenge with the top three who stand victorious receiving a payout prize. Entry to the competition is $10 (plus taxes & fees) per competitor. Signups will be available beginning until August 7 or all 50 spots have filled. SIGN UPS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! (You must be logged in via discord on our site to be able to access this page).

Instead of battling, Valor Ash, Toshi, Arrohh & House Stark will all be casting & have all chosen a worthy trainer to battle for them in the challenge & these Elite Battlers will be the leaders you face on your journey, so let's meet them.

Valor Ash chooses JRHonda121, the CEO of GOStadium & Host of StadiumCast.

Toshi is represented by 4TheBattles, GOStadium Coach & the record holder for most wins in all three leagues of PokemonGO.

Arrohh will be casting alongside TheAsianMilkman.

House Stark will be casting the battles of Twitch Streamer VergyVerg.

The theme of this Elite For Challenge is the Hoenn region & the rules in which the leaders & current Champion ShadowBrady will build their teams are as follows: Elite Four:

The teams will be based on one of these types: Psychic, Steel, Rock, Ice, Dragon

5/6 must have at least one typing match the typing they chose

2 of the 6 must be from Hoenn

2 of the 6 can be from Kanto/Johto/Hoenn matching your typing

1 must be a Hoenn Mythical/Legendary matching your type

No Alolan/Galar Forms

Champion Team: Champion is not bound by typing

1 Hoenn Mythical/Legendary not chosen by the Elite Four

4 Pokemon from the Hoenn Region

1 Flex Pokemon from Kanto/Johto No Alolan/Galar Forms

Challenger Teams:

Challengers are only bound by two rules.

6 Pokemon from any of the first 3 generations.

No Alolan/Galar Forms

Battling the Elite Four The battle is planned to be a Best of 1 match vs each Elite Four Member, this may change depending on stream time. If you win you move on, if you lose, you're out. E4 can TM between opponents.

All five parts of the Challenge will be Live! on Twitch Challenge Schedule:

Aug 10 Arroh Time TBA*

Aug 11 Valor Ash Time TBA*

Aug 12 Toshi Time TBA*

Aug 13 House Stark Time TBA*

Aug 14 Champion Shadow Brady Time TBA

*E4 Stream Order Subject to Change

All challengers to defeat all of the Elite Four will face Shadow Brady. The three competitors to defeat all of the Elite Four & the Champion will receive the prize split! If no one defeats all the Elite Four & Champion no prize will be given.

If more than three defeat all the Elite Four & Champion there will be a single elimination tournament to determine placement.

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