Egg/Raid Reward Testing & The Game Awards 2020

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

As seen in the recent update, we have two exciting new things on the horizon!

Game Testing

Niantic will soon be testing two features of the game. The first, starting today at 1pm PST, is the raid reward structure. Trainers in the UK & Ireland can expect to see adjusted rewards. This test will run through early January.

The second test will focus on egg-management. Starting Friday the 11th at 10am PST, select trainers globally will be put into one of two testing variations, each with the ability to store three additional eggs from Adventure Sync & Team GO Rocket Leader battles:

  • Variation 1 - all 12 eggs will show up in the same egg-storage area

  • Variation 2 - the 3 additional eggs will show up in a bonus storage area

For both of these tests, newly acquired eggs will no longer count towards Pokémon storage until they are incubated.

Didn't get selected? Stay tuned as this test will run indefinitely with more trainers being added over time.

The Game Awards 2020

What better way to kick off The Game Awards than to have a coinciding Pokémon GO event?

Starting tomorrow at 4pm PST for 24 hours, you can expect incense to be more effective, catching to award more stardust, and more rocket grunts both at stops and in balloons. And just in time for Community Day, you can TM frustration off of all those shadow Pokémon you've been saving! Whether you're grinding out rocket stops for your trainer level or needing to TM that Rank 1 Shadow Swampert, don't miss out on this event!

Graphic courtesy of the GO Stadium Meta Team

Special thanks to PvPoke and the Silph Research Team

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