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Cliffhanger 4.0 Tier Update

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Almost a year ago, in September 2019, GO Stadium introduced Cliffhanger, a 4-Tier format with point-based roster construction, enabling unprecedented diversity and strategic depth at the Pokémon eligibility and team building level.

You will have 17 points to spend as you build your team of any 6 Pokémon, but be careful not to go over the edge. With carefully curated tier placement, all Pokémon are eligible, but some will demand more of your budget than others.

Do you go All-In on a Top Tier option or spread your points evenly across your team? Do you embrace the challenge of artfully crafting a roster from the bottom-up? The choice is yours, and the options are boundless.

The move rework at the start of GBL Season 3 has brought a seismic shift in the landscape of Great League, and multiple new cores and some unlikely contenders have ascended to new heights. The Cliffhanger Team has been diligently evaluating the resulting meta and updated the tiers accordingly. Use the Cliffhanger Team Builder to make sure your next team doesn’t go over the edge!

With the move update and a new batch of performance data from GO Stadium lobbies, 7 previously untiered Pokémon made the climb into a new tier, while 5 others descended to a lower rank. The majority of the movement occurred between Tier 2 (1 pt) and Tier 3 (0 pts), with only one pick both rising and falling from Tier 1 (5 pts). In our last round of Cliffhanger tournaments on GO Stadium, we saw 35 Pokémon with usage 5-27% and only two higher than 25% (Toxicroak at 25.6% and Whiscash at 26.3%). Based on performance data, there weren’t any concerning over-performers and the top Pokémon by usage Whiscash, in fact, marginally underperformed (i.e. was underrepresented on 1st and 2nd place teams).

Usage and performance data credit to Ytxpikachu.


Abomasnow (5 pts)

Froslass (1 pt)

Pelipper (1 pt)

Drifblim (1 pt)

Empoleon (1 pt)

Gengar (1 pt)

Machamp (1 pt)

Abomasnow is an unlikely Tier 1 with arguably one of the most unfavorable typings imaginable, but with a couple of considerable move upgrades its pace of play and coverage offset those defensive deficiencies. We see a few new Fliers, Waters and Ghosts make a push due to move buffs (Drifblim and Froslass), move additions (Pelipper and Empoleon) and a Community Day (Gengar). Lastly, Machamp has made a strong case as a quality mid-Tier Fighter, including the Shadow variant.


Regice (1 pt)

Forretress (0 pts)

Quagsire (0 pts)

Gliscor (0 pts)

Perrserker (0 pts)

As an anti-Flier, Regice is hampered by its defensive typing more so than its Tier 1 counterparts and is comparable to Lapras and Dewgong in several respects. Quagsire, Gliscor Forretress and Perrserker were oft outcompeted in their niche and should provide some notable Steel and anti-Tank alternatives in Tier 3.

Special thanks to the outstanding feedback from a few Cliffhanger participants, which prompted a re-evaluation in some of the above cases.


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