Cliffhanger 3.1.0 Tier Update

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Tiers have been updated to 4.0 as of 8.3.20.

New Galarian forms have burst onto the scene and wield some unique combinations of move coverage and defensive typing!

Galarian Stunfisk (9 Points) | The iron-clad cousin of Stunfisk has exceptional bulk and broad coverage equipping it to immediately threaten to supplant Registeel as the top Steel. In comparison, it performs worse against Grass types & Azumarill, but has broader coverage with its EdgeQuake-esque move combination and a faster moveset, leaving fewer options capable of hard countering it. It’s certain to ensnare the imagination of many team compositions.

Obstagoon (1 Point) | Obstagoon sports a unique intersecting playstyle as a Counter user that can defeat Psychic and Ghost types. Its double weakness to Fighting coverage brings its own challenges, but Obstagoon functions similar to Scrafty in many respects, but with more moveset options, including Gunk Shot to threaten Azumarill.

Perrserker (1 Point) | The intersection of Melmetal and Sableye, this wily mono-Steel type packs Shadow Claw and four viable charge moves, making it hard to know exactly what’s coming until it’s possibly too late. Perrserker is a less conventional Steel type with unique matchup coverage that leverages a potent moveset and Steel type resistances to compensate for its inherent lack of bulk. These tier changes are in effect immediately. Full Cliffhanger Rules can be found here, and try out our new Cliffhanger Checker. We're also excited that PvPoke has recently integrated Points into the Team Builder tool!

The Cliffhanger Team

QwertzYan, PolymersUp, Twastell, CalebPeng, KakunaMattata42, Gotts, Troncdarbre, Tangent444, VeryCoolGuyNoah, AJ, TorpedoRunner, Ytxpikachu, HouseStark93, GastonAugustin, BellaBaolam, AlphaFeeb, Toshi, RamblingRabbit, Choostemaster, Wranglher, Alfindeol, BGold, Palamon, TheNut93

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