Frequently asked questions

PvPBot is not recognising my screenshot in Team Assignment

Sometimes there is a bug with the bot, the quickest way to fix, is to leave and rejoin the server!

How can I add the rank checker to my server?

You can add the bot via this link. If you have any issues with the bot, feel free to reach out to Scotty574#9494 on Discord

How can I invite someone to the Discord Server?

Here is a shareable invite link:

Where can I post my Trainer Code to find others who are interested in battling?

Once you have assigned your team, you can post your trainer-code in the Trainercode Channel including what kind of battling you are interested in.

What if i suspect someone in my lobby or on the Discord Server is Spoofing?

Please send any evidence you have to Officer Jenny#0605 and the Moderation team will look into it further.

Where can I find more information about Tournament Structure used on this server?

Check out this PDF document

Where can I find more information about Tournament Rules used on this server?

Check out this PDF document.

Do I have to be present at the beginning of the tournament?

You don't, tournaments will likely last for a week or more and you will have time to arrange your matches.

How do we decide who should send the first invite?

You can use the coinflip command to decide who gets to choose who sends the first invite! Call !coinflip then call heads or tails!

How long should a round take in a tournament?

The guide we use is each round should be completed within 2-3 days. In the case any match is not finished in time an extension period may be granted, or one trainer may be removed from the tournament, depending on the situation. If one round gets completed really fast, there can be some extra time for one of the following rounds, but we try not to have a round last for too long, so that everyone can have fun and to keep the tournament moving forward.

What do I do if a round is taking a long time?

First you should tag the players that haven't completed the round yet to remind them to complete their match. If they haven't completed it within a day or two you should contact your tournament manager

Do the tournaments count for Silph Arena ranking?

Any Tournaments we organize are able to be ranked with Silph Arena will give you to option for you to count it towards your Silph Arena ranking.

When do themed cups have to be concluded if we want them to be counted for Silph Arena ranking?

A themed cup has to be concluded by the end of the month.

Does everyone in the lobby need to be ultra to start the tournament?

Since Niantic have lowered the level to battle, you do not need to be ultra friends. However we are actively encouraging you to still build up your friendship level, as there is a potential for this to be placed back into effect by Niantic at any time.

What is the best way to arrange a match with my opponent?

Our advice is to arrange a match via DMs (right-click/hold down on the name -> message). It's fine to try to arrange a match in the lobby chat too, and use the tag to try to get your opponent's attention, but if that doesn't work, try to use DMs. Share your availability for the next few days with each other and try to find the best time for both to battle! In the case of no response from your opponent, or bad luck with finding the available time for both to battle, contact your Tournament Manager and explain the situation.

Do I have to record my screen during battles? What do I do if there was a lag and I feel like I lost the match because of it?

You do not have to record your screen during battles, but we highly recommend you do! If you do not record your screen and experience issues, it is very hard to prove!

What should I do if I experience lag or a glitch in one of my matches?

If you have experienced problems, like glitches, bugs or lag during the match, and you feel like it affected the outcome of the battle, you should do the following: - first, finish the battle - in case of a loss, try to agree with your opponent on what should be done (rematch or not) - if still unsure, or unable to agree on what should be done, contact your Tournament Manager, explain what happened, state the current match result, and provide the video of the battle - Tournament Manager will decide if there should be a rematch or not - in case of a rematch, same teams and same leads have to be used - remember, if you agree to do the next battle, that means that the result in all the previous battles stand! this is why you have to notify your opponent immediately after the battle in which a glitch or a lag happened and contact tournament manager if needed

How can I tag everyone in my lobby?

You can use the !announce command, followed by your message.

What happens if the game time limit runs out?

The winner shall be deemed by who is reported as the winner in the players journal.

Can I keep track of who I am Ultra friends with on this server?

Yes! Using BattleFrontier#0688 which was specially designed by aDyslexicPanda#5612 for this discord server, type !help ultra in Friends and Battles channel for help with the commands. You can invite the bot to your server and type !setup to start the process of setting it up!

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