Top 3 Style Defining Pokemon
Haunter, Gallade, Magneton

- First class energy management
- Advanced gameplay intelligence
- Offense is his defense


Top 3 Style Defining Pokemon Swampert, Altaria, Froslass

- Technical & Meta-Centric Approach
- Specializes in Energy Management & Identifying Team Weaknesses
- Over 10K Wins across all leagues


Top 3 Style Defining Pokemon
Sealeo, Venomoth, Altaria

- Excellent at energy manipulation
- Finds unique ways to beat the meta
- Great at countering teams of 6


Top 3 Style Defining Pokemon Lugia, Kanto Raichu, Qwilfish

- Dark Horse picks that win big and shock opponents
- Predicting the meta and counters before anyone else
- Top Notch line composition strategies


Top 3 Style Defining Pokemon
Azumarill, Probopass, Venusaur

- Runs the meta line flawlessly
- Near perfect coverage team composition
- Strong fundamentals to win tournaments consistently


Top 3 Style Defining Pokemon
Lanturn, Tropius, Cresselia

- It’s okay to lose the lead
- Use synergy between 2 Pokémon to get rid of all 3 of there’s
- Very aggressive farming and in shield usage


Top 3 Style Defining Pokemon Sableye, Lapras, Bronzong

- In-depth analysis of the meta
- Finding Gold Nugget Picks that gives him the edge
- Extensive Wisdom from winning multiple large (70+) tournaments


Top 3 Style Defining Pokemon
Forretress, Umbreon, Medicham

- Quick reaction in switching
- Shield management
- Solid team composition

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